New Layout!

So this is the new layout. Thanks a bunch to Tin for helping me out with this new layout! I can't thank you enough. Now it really looks good haha. Anyways some new ideas i have in mind. In the previous post i stated that i will be putting up random videos/clips of tips and things that not every abel player might not know. I am planning to put one up every week if i can but i warn you i might get lazy heh. These videos/clips may come from other sources via youtube or something, i might make them? im not completely sure yet but i will do my best. Some of them might be long some might be a few seconds but who knows we will find out when the time comes. Since i got a new computer i didn't get to save my document file awhile back so im starting new with that and im going to post the Q and A thing in a few days hopefully. I am sorry for the lack of updates but so far its looking good. I got a new computer so now i can update again and along with a new member that helps with the site which made it look awesome!


For the lack of updates. My computer was messed up and i just got a brand new computer today. I was on a laptop lately but it was terrible so i didn't even bother. New things to come like new short videos on random tips you should know and hopefully a new layout? just wait and see whats coming!