My Online Videos are Back/Ranbat Update...

Sorry i havent really been updating this at all. if you're wondering about the denjin ranbats, JoontheBaboon(Ken) and Destruct1ve (Honda) have been battling it out in grand finals each time they both entered. Joon has locked in the spot as #1 for this season's ranbat. you can check out the thread / results in this page. 1 more ranbat left and this season is over.

Anyways i just got xbox live recently and im going to be recording videos of my online play again and posting it on my youtube, and my friend's youtube channel will have some matches of me aswell. you can find it here (oh and subscribe to him too!) He uploads videos of all different games like ssf4, starcraft 2, and more as time comes. OH and this time the videos are WAAAY better quality than last time (Its in HD!). I got a new camera but it doesnt capture sound that well. Also i will gladly accept anyone that wants to do an exhibition match or like ft3,ft5 or if you just wanna play let me know. If you dont want the matches to be uploaded give me a heads up. im not good anymore, lil scrubby busta here but im down to play. its fun to play with others regardless how bad i am hah. if you want to just send me a message on srk here and ill pm you my gamertag (its under a new one).

Here are two videos i uploaded on my channel. (These were from the Peaceful Jay stream)

Also be sure to check out my friend ReNiCGaming's channel!

Denjin Arcade SSF4 Ranking Battles start 8/14!

Denjin Arcade Ranbats (Ranking Battles) for ssf4 is here! First ranbat for ssf4 so lets make it a good one! The ranbat will be starting August 14th. Stay tuned for more info and bring your A game!

edit: Denjin Arcade SSF4 Ranbat thread is linked below.

Denjin Arcade SSF4 Ranbat Thread

Back From EVO!

Well i got back on Monday and really it was an awesome weekend. I got to hang out with a lot of good friends, and i actually played in my first major! This was my 2nd time going to EVO but first time competing in a major ever. Despite the lack of practice ive had with ssf4 as of late i did really well. I was in Pool A (you can read the article below to see who's in it, too many to list) but i was 1 win away and lost in losers final against John Choi. John Choi and Daigo Umehara were the 2 that made it out of my pool. Pretty good imo, first major, top 3 in pools (just outside of top 32). I wish i got to play on the big stage but the judges/people who ran the pool didn't really know who i was so they just kept me at the stations. not being active or being on stream for who knows how long lead to me not being on the big stage hah. Regardless it was a lot of fun and i am hoping to do better next year. To be honest i was thinking about not really playing ssf4 serious anymore or play it casually at all but after this, after EVO it had me thinking. What if i did practice? prepare for this major instead of knowing i was going 2 hours before registration closed and practiced in training mode for a few days. I think im going to stick around and see what happens. Hopefully enter more tournaments as they come instead of what i did this year, entered about 5 tournies or w/e. I would like to thank Kara and Cesar especially for this! if it wasn't for these two i wouldn't have been at EVO and i probably would've quit.

EVO 2k10!!

Well Evo is coming up real fast! This year should be fun, seems like more international players are coming out for this than usual and its going to be my first real major tourney. I'm not prepared at all really because it was so last minute but im there to do my best and enjoy the weekend. I'm in Pool A which is 9am but im getting to vegas around 7-8am that friday. My pool has a good amount of known players but i dont think it would be considered the death pool as some would say. my pool consist of DS (not sure who he is but it seems familiar), John Choi, ClakeyD, Keno, UTJ, LPN, Magus1234, Liston, iNerd(i think hes a chun player), and daigo. those are the ones that would stand out from my pool so far. I am definitely not a favorite, pretty much the underdog because i havent been active in the community or playing that much lately but i am pretty confident and imo i think i have a chance to make it out but it will be a lot of work. though i wont be able to get any games of practice or even get to drop off my stuff in the hotel, im going straight to the ball room and playing in my pool with all my stuff with me. Lots of pools with a lot of good players. some pools to watch out for (or to spectate) would be pool H - with chris hu,inthul,wolfkrone,combo jack, mike watson, ryan hart. pool I - Ryder, Justin Wong, DaggerG, pool N - Marn, Ed Ma, Mr.KOF, Rico Suave. juicebox is in pool G with fubarduck, flash metroid, and Dr.Chaos. I think my pool would be fun to watch but overall all the pools in general seem like they are going to have a lot of good matches going on. im stoked and i just hope im not super tired when i have to play.

SSF4 Youtube Vids!

so im gonna start recording myself playing games online like i used too. note they might not be the best of players but its something to watch. its online so it doesn't really matter to me. i just have fun and mess around/do random stuff online cuz we all know its offline that counts. I have a different mind set when playing in tournaments offline than when i play online, its like 2 different people and i think you shouldn't take online serious for the most part. I'm gonna try to record more matches but my camera corrupts a few vids here and there when i record + transfer to my computer. Oh and shitty camera angles so far but bare with me! i didn't know it was in a bad spot and im trying to find a better position for it. oh and if you ever want to play a few games post up/pm me onsrk or somethin and ill try to get some games in with you. its not fun playing random ppl all the time.

Here's a couple vids of the batch i uploaded.

The Abel Blog + SSF4

Hey guys, i will be getting ssf4 within the next week or 2 and just wanted to say i will be trying to update this blog. Since the release of ssf4, i have been wanting to play this game a bit and mess around with abel (along with all the new additions/changes everyone else got). Makes me want to play this game and sparks an interest again. Now if i do vids they wont be ingame quality, it will be from my shitty camera angle again since all those vids were done via sf4 pc + fraps. Hopefully i will be able to update this blog a lot once i get my hands on it so stay tuned!...

Help a friend in need

Sorry, I know this isn't Abel related, but I'm sure Busta won't mind this being here. Recently, Chris Hu (NY sf player)and his family have recently lost everything in a devastating fire which has taken out the whole apartment block (more info on the link). are trying to help Chris out with donations, so if anyone can help, even a little, please follow the link.