Denjin Ranbat Results!

So Denjin's first ranbat just finished, and i would like to say thanks to everyone who came down to denjin to play. we had a HUGE turnout and it was way bigger than i thought it would be so that was awesome.

top 8 results SF4 (58 entrants)
1 Ed Ma 10pts(akuma)
2 Gootecks 7pts(boxer)
3 Sextaro 5pts(rufus)
4 CSB 3pts(boxer)
5 Joey aka "The BOSS" 2pts(zangief)
5 Mike Ross 2pts(honda / sagat)
7 Art 1pt(dhalsim / honda)
7 Bustabust 1pt(abel)

reppin that abel! haha. The ranbat was really fun and if you missed it you should definitely come to the next one! it was awesome to see everyone again along with some new players. its always a pleasure to talk with you guys. See you guys in 2 weeks! (if you are going) and really these tournaments are something nobody should be missing so come out and play in the tournament!

I Got Interviewed!

hey guys, SpawnSC has recently interviewed me and he put it up on his blog. just thought i would post it. you can find it on his site here. His site is awesome so go check it out!

Denjin Arcade Ranbats Are About to Begin!

Everyone in socal, if you live close to Denjin Arcade go to the ranbats (Ranking Battles). All of the money from the tournament will be funded towards the qualifiers for SBO (Super Battle Opera) which is a huge tournament in Japan and we need as many people to come play in the tournaments as possible. By playing in the tournaments you can only get better and you are helping the players who qualify for SBO get out to Japan. It is a win win for everyone. The first ranbat will be this coming Saturday and you can check it out here. The 2 games that are going to be funded towards SBO are 3s and sf4 although there will be other players running different tournaments on the days of the ranbat such as HD remix ran by Cesar so come out and play!

address to Denjin Arcade :
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Also check out the Denjin Arcade site here!

On a side note, AI (Arcade Infinity) just had a the first ranbat of season 2 and they had a huge turnout. they had to cap it at 64 players which is intense! Biggest tournament AI has had for singles so far. This shows that the console is bringing out more players to the arcade scene which is awesome. I'm glad it turned out that way and good job to those who helped run the AI ranbat. Looks like i missed out on an awesome tournament and i will definitely not miss the next. For more updates about AI and their ranbats go here.

Im on!

hey guys just got a message from a friend of mine and linked me to this.

EventHubs has launched a brand new feature, Top Match Videos. They have started with Abel and took two videos from top players and those players are Shiro (of Japan) and myself, BustaBust (of United States). This is my first time being featured on something like this so i am very excited. Shiro obviously a big thing for Abel, he is one of the best if not the best Abel player out there and to be mentioned with him as a top Abel player is an honor and more than i could ask for. Go check out EventHubs and their new feature, if you have videos featuring top players send your videos there! they are going to be doing this for the whole cast i assume.

Abel's Normals

Hey guys, just did a little something hoping to help you guys out. I made a document talking about all of abel's normals. This is a little preview and is really brief. You can download the document here. I will be adding to this but this is just a short preview of what i will be doing. I will be adding the rest of the normals and talking about his other moves once i am finished. Please give me some feedback and let me know what you guys think!

oh and i would like to thank everyone who has donated to my console fund. I am just about halfway there now!

Street Fighter 4 Bar Fights

hey guys check this out if you havent. Gootecks is having exhibition matches between some top players in socal. i am featured in this with my good buddy dae in a 2v2 match against keno and his chosen partner. if you guys live in socal try to come to this if you can. its on april 5th. you can get more info about this event at .

Also Don't forget, if you live in socal Arcade Infinity is starting up the second ranbat (ranking battle) season for sf4 sunday march 22nd! Everyone in socal should try to come out to these you will learn a lot, meet new players and have a great time. you can get more info about ai ranbats here Mark your calendars!!!

i guess i really do look like abel... lol!

busta looks like abel?!?

i guess people think i look like abel? i dont see it.

Ironfist(Sagat) vs BustaBust(Abel) Grand Finals pt 2

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

Hope you guys get some more knowledge from these vids! also guys please please if you can donate. i am pretty much on the end where i might not be able to play sf4 anymore. i am forced to play in the arcades but i am running out of money due to college. the economy blows and i am jobless since it is impossible to find a job. i dont have a console and would love to play on the console so please if you can, donate. all of the money donated will be going into a fund for me to try and get a 360, if you donate i will return the favor and help you out, give you some tips and better you game up as much as i can.

BustaBust(Abel) vs Ray Ramos(Zangief) Grand Finals pt 1

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

Dae(Chun) vs BustaBust(Abel) Semi Finals pt 2

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

i would say this was the match of the night!

BustaBust(Abel) vs Yi(Ryu) Semi Finals pt 1

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

a few more vids from this tourny coming soon. stay tuned!!

Vinny(Sagat) vs BustaBust(Abel)

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

Ty(Blanka) vs BustaBust(Abel)

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

The Abel Blog!

hey guys BustaBust here, just got this blog up and hope it turns out well. i will post tourny vids, abel vids, abel notes, anything that an abel player will need to know to help you become a better abel player! i have a few vids that i will be posting soon from a local arcade tournament at denjin arcade. there will be more to come so stay tuned!!!