SBO Qualifiers at Denjin Arcade 6/6!

So you think you got what it takes in sf4 or 3rd strike? Come to Denjin Arcade this Saturday (june 6th) and bring it. This tournament isn't going to be fun and games, this is going to be intense. Everyone is playing to win, no messing around. This Is SBO Quals. For those of you that don't know what SBO is, it stands for Super Battle Opera. It happens every year and is an arcade tournament in japan. The biggest tournament and the one that matters the most imo. So far some of the teams confirmed are pretty damn good. It really is a toss up, any team can take it.

Here is the info about the tournament:

Street Fighter III: Third Strike will be 3on3
Street Fighter 4 will be 2on2

Registration starts at 10:00 am
Tournament starts at 12:00 pm

U.S Passport Required !

Entry Fee: $25 Per Person
Format: Double Eliminaton - 2 out of 3 games

-No Same Character in the Team
-Pokemon Format
-Winning team of each event will represent the U.S in their respective game at the final bracket at SBO 2009 and have half of their round trip plane ticket paid from U.S to Narita Airport

General Info:
-Street Fighter 4 will be on Head 2 Head Sega Netcity Cabinets with Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y Joysticks & Sanwa OSBF-3 buttons
-Street Fighter III: Third Strike will be on Sega New Versus City head 2 head cabinets with Seimitsu LS-32-02 joysticks & Sanwa OSBF-3 buttons

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

So the winners of SBO Quals gets to go to Japan. Half of their fee's for the flight and stuff are payed and they have to come up with the other half. I am going to have a weak attempt but if you donate, all of the donations right now will be funded towards that. To be honest im not expecting any but if i do get any donations, it will be going towards sbo. To see the SBO Quals thread click here or click on the title of the post.

Denjin Ranbat 1.6 Results!

So let just start off by saying that to me, I thought Denjin Arcade's first ever ranbat was a success. We always had a good number of players come and everyone single one was fun. It is like a bittersweet feeling right now, sucks that its gone but it was awesome and will be back soon! Anyways here are the results

SF4 Ranbat Results:

1) Ken-I (RU)
2) Magus1234 (VI)
3) SIN (RU)
4) ComboJack (SA)
5) Bustabust (AB)
5) Gootecks (BA)
7) Edma (KE/BA)
7) Dae (CH)

Here are the top 5 point holders for the season.
Current SF4 Standing:
1) Gootecks 31
2) Sextaro 30
3) Sin 20
4) Ironfist 16
5) Ed Ma 11

Congrats Ryan "Gootecks" Guiterrez for being the 1st sf4 champion at denjin! I would also like to say Congrats to Yi "5 Star" Wang for dominating 3rd strike this season. These are your Denjin Champs of season 1! Lets see if they will maintain their spots in the future.

Before i go i would like to say it was cool meeting new players. These tournaments were a nice gathering and I can't wait for the next season. I am pretty proud of myself also, out of 6 tournaments, I have made top 8 four times. ranbat 1.1 = 7th place, 1.3 = 5th, 1.5 = 7th and 1.6 = 5th. Wow I really didn't expect to do so well. This was all too much fun and I can't wait for season 2!! with all that aside though SBO Quals is really just around the corner and i am going to get ready for that. For full results click here or click on the title of this post.

Ex CoD xx Ex Roll

Just uploading a few videos that I already have here. I am still going to mess around with this stuff and hopefully produce more videos of actual game play where i use this. I haven't managed to do ex CoD xx ex CoD yet but I will work on it. I haven't messed around with this as much as I wanted to but in a few weeks this will change. Well here are some small videos with my button inputs. Enjoy!

Ex CoD xx Ex Marceaux Roll

note* there is 1 more video that needs to be uploaded but I am having trouble getting it up. It will be up asap.

Ex CoD xx Super

Ex Change of Direction xx Super

Ex CoD xx Ex Wheel kick

Ex Change of Direction xx Ex Wheel Kick

Ex CoD xx Ex TT

Ex Change of Direction xx Ex Tornado Throw

Small Update!

Well SBO Qualifiers is right around the corner (a week) and really I have been waiting to play in this tournament for quite a while. So all the projects that i want to start / finish up will be done after SBO quals. I want to focus all my attention on this tournament instead of other things. Expect some stuff to come out after this event (and give me time to make/finish them since it can be time consuming). Thanks and hopefully i will get the stuff out soon. As a result of my slack i will upload any video projects i finish on this blog first and then upload the same video a week or so later on youtube.

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.6

So Ranbat 1.6 is this saturday (5/30) and its going to be the last one of the season. Definitely come out to this one if you haven't and if you have been to one COME TO THIS ONE! lets celebrate denjin's first ever ranbat and finish with a bang! This will be a nice last tournament before Super Battle Opera Qualifers (SBO quals) which will be held at Denjin on June 6th. If you guys are planning to play in sbo you should come to this last ranbat to play with the players and get used to the set up.

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

For full details about the tournament or for 3s click here

Denjin Ranbat 1.5 Results!

sorry this is a little late, I have been kind of busy with some stuff.

well here are the results:
1) Gootecks (BA)
2) Kai (EF)
3) IronFist (SA)
4) Sin (RU)
5) Combo Jack (SA)
5) Dae (CH)
7) Joe Dubbs (ZA)
7) Bustabust (AB)

I'm still hanging in there, top 8 at least! everyone is leveling up so fast its a tough battle to make it to top 8. Glad to see we get a good amount of players everytime. Full results here

Ex CoD xx Ultra

Early February i was inspired by Keno (socal balrog) to try something out. He found out about Balrog's Ex amor tricks. Abel's was done before but nobody really experimented with it as much. I then did it but it was hard since i had to do it in the arcades. I am going to be making a video showing all of them and here is a small sample i made with button inputs!!

Abel Videos!

Just wanted to let all you Abel fans know that I have been uploading some videos that I recorded of me playing online. I will also be uploading/making other videos that aren't casuals or w/e. Subscribe to my youtube account so you know when my newest videos come out!

The Ladies of Street Fighter 4 Tournament!!

Hey guys, my good friend Shoo (you might know him as Shoo/does AI video commentary :D) from Arcade Infinity (AI) has just posted this event! Its an all girls tournament / event which will be on June 27th. Check it out here, The Official Arcade Infinity Blog. Here is a little piece from the site:

Welcome to THE LADIES OF STREET FIGHTER 4. Sixteen of your favorite socal SF4 players have been secretly training sixteen lovely ladies for what might be the girliest Street Fighter Tournament in the history of Street Fighter.

LOSF will consist of a Photo shoot at the Arcade, video interviews conducted by Gootecks, with Special guests.

Tournament will be Single Elimination, no entry fee, prizes to be determined.

This will be the event of the Summer! COME OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN. For more details go to the AI blog (which i highly recommend you clicking even if you are not interested JUST CLICK HERE!)

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.4 Results

1) Gootecks (BA)
2) Mike Ross (EH)
3) Sextaro (RU)
4) Keno (BA)
5) Joe Dubbs (ZA)
5) Sin (RU)
7) Ironfist (SA)
7) Dae (CH)

Full Standing of points can be found here:

Hope to see you all Ranbat 1.5!

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.4!

Hey guys just letting you know that the 4th Denjin Ranbat is this saturday!! These tournaments come quick and are so much fun. Here are the rules

SF4 and 3s Rules
Best of 3 games
Double Elimination
One character throughout tournament (NEW RULE)
For 3s, Judgment is in play

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 6 PM, Tournament begins at 7 PM
$5 Entry

50% of entry fees are donated to sponsor the SBO qualified teams at Denjin Arcade.

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

If you live in the area or if you can drive out to this go! Come support the sf4 scene and become apart of what is just the beginning. The scene just gets bigger and bigger, come out and make sf4 be even bigger!!!

To see the official thread/current point standings either click the title or you can go here