I'm Going To Make Abel Vids

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that since i have a console, and once i get my stick modded and working i will be making some videos. I have planned to make Abel videos for quite awhile now (since December). These videos are not going to be anything super fancy, they are just going to be short(maybe long) videos of tips and tricks you can use. I will keep you guys updated. Also remember that document i made for Abel's normals? I am deciding whether i want to make it a video now but that is undecided. Hopefully I will get my stick soon so I can start on this video thing I have been wanting to do. Let me know what you guys think! Also if you have any suggestions or anything post it and I will do my best to fulfill it.

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.3 Results!

So here we are with the results. Let me just say that this tournament was awesome. We had a total of 48 players enter and it was just really fun. Even though I didn't eat anything that day and the day before besides a burger (literally nothing else) I still managed to place in top 8. woo! haha im glad this tournament had such a good turnout. seriously everyone in socal needs to play in one of these ranbats. Its just too much fun! Here are the Results

SF4 (48 players)
1) Sin (Rufus)
2) Art (E Honda)
3) Ironfist (Sagat)
4) Bebop (Vega)
5) Bustabust (Abel)
5) CSB (Balrog)
7) misterbean (Ryu)
7) Jeremy (Rufus)

Here are the Current Point Standings:
1) Sextaro 15
2) Ed Ma 10
2) Sin 10
2) Ironfist 10
3) Gootecks 9
4) Art 8
5) UltraDavid 7
6) CSB 5
7) Kai 3
7) Bebop 3
7) Bustabust 3
8) Joey aka "The BOSS" 2
8) Mike Ross 2
8) Amir 2
9) Tatsu 1
9) Dae 1
9) misterbean 1
9) Jeremy 1

quite a list we have for the standings! so many ppl have made top 8, its awesome! Well hope to see more new faces at the next tourney which is in 2 weeks! I'll update the next ranbat at denjin when they make the announcement. To see results from 3rd strike also click the title of this post, it will send you directly to the thread with the results for both sf4 and 3rd strike. To finish it off, here is a vid someone uploaded of my match vs Kai (who btw won the touney at the Nucleus gallery, congrats on that kai!)

I Got A Console!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know i just got a console. I bought one off my friend brand new, i have got to play/use it a few times when i went to his house and he sold me it for cheap. sadly when he decided to sell me it the free 1 month pretty much ended (well technically ends this monday) but yeah. i would really like to thank everyone that helped me buy a console. luckily i found a friend who sold it for cheap or else i wouldnt even have one haha. oh and to all the donators, if you have a 360 and you wanna get those games in i promised send me a pm via shoryuken or email me at l3ustal3ust@yahoo.com. let me know that you donated and i will add you and we can play. im gonna get all the donators first then i will post my gamertag out to the public once this is done. but as of now im gonna have to find a source of income to buy a 12 month since the 1 month is gone on this! anyways i really want to thank everyone that has donated! a friend of mine is modding my stick so i can play it on 360 so atm if we do play i will be using a pad. if you would like to help me get a 12 month plz donate and you i will promise you the same.

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.3!

Hey guys, if you live in California try to make it out to a Denjin Arcade Ranbat (Ranking Battle)! The next one is this coming Sunday (4/26). Here are the rules:

SF4 and 3s Rules
Best of 3 games
Double Elimination
One character throughout tournament (NEW RULE)
For 3s, Judgment is in play

For SF4
Sign ups at 11 AM, Tournament begins at 12 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 12 PM, Tournament begins at 1 PM
$5 Entry

50% of the entry fee money is going to be donated towards the SBO team fund so we can fly them out to Japan and compete in SBO (Super Battle Opera). To see current point standings in both 3rd strike and Street Fighter 4 click here. Come out and try to earn some points!

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Check This Out!

A good friend of mine Christian "Mtsac Kid" has made a blog for guile. Just wanted to let everyone know. His guile is a beast, he really knows his stuff and you can tell by just looking and reading his blog. He is a very skilled guile player and if you are looking/want some tips you can definitely go to his blog. His blog is still pretty new so help support him and check it out! http://thesf4guileblog.wordpress.com/

Abel Infinite!

I wanted to post this a long time ago but kept forgetting but Abel has an infinite against chun li and rufus! they are both slightly different but the one against chun li is (close)st.lp xx cr.lp (far)st.lp x 2 f+mk dash and repeat. The one against rufus is (close)st.lp xx cr.lk, cr.lp, (far)st.lp f+mk dash and repeat. Here is a video from youtube showing the infinite.

I think that this infinite is good. People may disagree but hey an infinite is an infinite. I say its good because you can start it off of f+mk dash and i would say that the f+mk dash is one of abel's best tools. i mean since you can do it off of that it seems like a great tool against chun and rufus. Sure the damage sucks but its free damage and during it you can mix it up from there.

Denjin Ranbat 1.2 sf4 results!

So the Denjin tournament on Saturday was awesome! Some people came to denjin right after another tournament and i would really like to thank all the players for coming out whether you were participating or not. Here are the results:

SF4 (48 Entrants)
1) Ken-I (Rufus)
2) UltraDavid (Dhalsim, Zangief)
3) IronFist (Sagat)
4) Kai (El Fuerte)
5) Gootecks (Boxer)
5) Amir (Ken, Ryu)
7) Dae (Chun-li)
7) Tatsu (Claw)

here are the current standings in the ranbat for sf4:

Current SF4 Standing:
1) Sextaro 15
2) Ed Ma 10
3) Gootecks 9
4) UltraDavid 7
5) IronFist 5
6) Kai 3
6) CSB 3
8) Joey aka "The BOSS" 2
8) Mike Ross 2
8) Amir 2
11) Tatsu 1
11) Art 1
11) Bustabust 1
11) Dae 1

I didn't make top 8 but was close (12th), my match with ken i was really close. Glad to see everyone and it really was fun to meet and greet again. Definitely come out to these ranbats if you can, the next one should be in two weeks. here is a link to the thread with results from 3s also

Street Fighter Bar Fights Just Ended...

What can i say about bar fights? everything about it was awesome. so many players came out, new and old and it was a blast. i got to meet a ton of players, i got to hang out with my favorite street fighter buds and really if you didn't go you missed out. all i can tell you is don't miss the next one! great games played, awesome matches, a HUGE turnout too. good shit to Gootecks for running this. i didn't expect so many players to come out and who would've though there would ever be a line to watch sf4? that place was packed but it was awesome.

Before i forget, Denjin is having another ranbat (ranking battle) this saturday 4/11. The more players the better. i hope we get more and more players each time. The first ranbat was a huge success but lets beat that and get more players! come support team SBO and play in the tournaments! here is a link for more info. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184653