Abel Infinite!

I wanted to post this a long time ago but kept forgetting but Abel has an infinite against chun li and rufus! they are both slightly different but the one against chun li is (close)st.lp xx cr.lp (far)st.lp x 2 f+mk dash and repeat. The one against rufus is (close)st.lp xx cr.lk, cr.lp, (far)st.lp f+mk dash and repeat. Here is a video from youtube showing the infinite.

I think that this infinite is good. People may disagree but hey an infinite is an infinite. I say its good because you can start it off of f+mk dash and i would say that the f+mk dash is one of abel's best tools. i mean since you can do it off of that it seems like a great tool against chun and rufus. Sure the damage sucks but its free damage and during it you can mix it up from there.


  1. Hey its ironreaver buddy how ya been. I'm Iraq right now, anyway dont be using that shit against me LOL!!!

  2. Would this stun someone? It seems to be jabs still do a good bit of stun damage. Or does stun damage scale too?