SSF4 Youtube Vids!

so im gonna start recording myself playing games online like i used too. note they might not be the best of players but its something to watch. its online so it doesn't really matter to me. i just have fun and mess around/do random stuff online cuz we all know its offline that counts. I have a different mind set when playing in tournaments offline than when i play online, its like 2 different people and i think you shouldn't take online serious for the most part. I'm gonna try to record more matches but my camera corrupts a few vids here and there when i record + transfer to my computer. Oh and shitty camera angles so far but bare with me! i didn't know it was in a bad spot and im trying to find a better position for it. oh and if you ever want to play a few games post up/pm me onsrk or somethin and ill try to get some games in with you. its not fun playing random ppl all the time.

Here's a couple vids of the batch i uploaded.

The Abel Blog + SSF4

Hey guys, i will be getting ssf4 within the next week or 2 and just wanted to say i will be trying to update this blog. Since the release of ssf4, i have been wanting to play this game a bit and mess around with abel (along with all the new additions/changes everyone else got). Makes me want to play this game and sparks an interest again. Now if i do vids they wont be ingame quality, it will be from my shitty camera angle again since all those vids were done via sf4 pc + fraps. Hopefully i will be able to update this blog a lot once i get my hands on it so stay tuned!...