Denjin Arcade Pre-Ranbat Tourney!

Last night there was a tourney at Denjin Arcade since the ranbat season #2 is almost here this was a warm up tourney until the ranbat starts. It was a 2v2 team tourney Mikado style and the format was pokemon. We had 31 entrants and what a tournament it was. All 2nd round winners were great matches to watch and top 8 was very entertaining. Here are the results..
SF4 2v2 Mikado (31 entrants):
1.) UltraDavid (ZA/DH)
2.) BustaBust (VI/AB)
3.) Ironfist (ZA/SA)
4.) Gootecks (SA/BA)
5.) Brandon S. (ZA/??)
5.) Joe Dubbs (SA/ZA)
7.) JC (akuma/??)
7.) Bryant The Tyrant (BA/AB)

Let me note that UltraDavid is a BEAST. lost to him twice (winners finals/grand finals). Definitely a tournament you should not have missed if you were in the area. Lots of good games and fun times. Tournament went pretty smooth and i can't wait for the ranbats to start! Get Your Tournament was there and streamed the tournament. I am pretty sure he will upload them when he gets the chance, i will post back and link the videos once they are out. Want to get the best coverage for the gaming scene? Go to the Get Your Tournament site!

News On Blog Updates.

i won't be updating the blog as much as i would like to. I am going to give me some time to have a good amount of info/material ready and once i do this will be up and running again with a bunch of clips and stuff. I am pretty busy with other stuff and dont have the time as of right now to finish all of the editing for the videos i produce. But don't worry i will still update with some news whether it be Abel related or not! Please stay with me as i try to get things organized and ready before i put things out. Hold tight, and to those of you that actually follow me with the site and are awaiting updates my i apologize but just wait! i will finish editing all the videos i have and getting ready to start updating the blog more soon!

West Coast Warzone Videos Are Up!

So West Coast Warzone Videos are up and they are still finishing up some videos. Check it out! if you are bored and want to watch high level play definitely watch these videos! If you want to see the other videos you have to wait, they are doing their best to get all their videos out asap BUT you can sign up, giving them your email in the box to the right and they will email you with updates on videos when they come out!

Abel Clip of The Week #5

First of all i want to apologize for the delay (#6 will come out soon i promise and this will be some match up stuff, i.e. things that you can punish and stuff like that since i have a lot of request for this i will start doing these). Managed to do what i can. the video does not have a very good description so just read this stuff.

dmg / Stun

Cr.fp, close rh 210 / 300

Cr.fp, far rh 210 / 350

Cr.fp sweep 210 / 350

Cr.fp, close fp 190 / 250

Cr.fp far fp 240 / 350

Cr.fp lk wk 230 / 350

Cr.fp mk wk 250 / 350

Cr.fp rh wk 270 / 350

Cr.fp close mp 160 / 200

Cr.fp far mp 190 / 250

cr.fp = crouching fierce punch

mp/lk/mk/rh = medium punch/light kick/medium kick/roundhouse

Cr.fp rh wheel kick doesn't work on - guile, dhalsim, blanka, chun, fei, rose, bison, balrog, seth.

Cr.fp rh wheel kick crosses up on everyone but the above AND to do it on sagat/zangief, you have to be spaced out far enough (pretty much max range for cr.fp) and do the rh wheel kick / it wont cross them up. oh and E.Honda, you can do any version wheel kick at point blank and it will never cross him up, best option to do if you get cr.fp in the corner against honda.

Cr.fp mk wheel kick crosses up on everyone but gen, honda, vega, fuerte.


*in the video, i do 3 sets of wheel kicks against ryu, first one with lk wheel kick, 2nd mk, 3rd rh showing you what happens afterwards. i dont recommend doing this against characters that you will cross up since they can quick get up and now you are in the corner. i also do 3 sets of wheel kick against honda, same thing but showing you that you cant cross him up after you do (insert strength) wheel kick.

* for cr.fp far roundhouse / fierce, you most likely will have to slightly walk back so it almost doesnt even look like you even took a step back.

* to do the mk wheel kick against sagat/zangief in the corner you have to cancel as late as possible. if you cancel too fast you will whiff and now you are in the corner. when you hit the mk wheel kick against these 2 in the corner, you will not cross them up.

Denjin Arcade 1 Year Anniversary!

Again im late on this but its better than no post at all right? for the few that even look at this blog here are some results from this tourney. (click topic for full results)

Street Fighter 4: 2v2 (32 teams)
1.) "Talk to Me" - Tatsu (VE) / Bryant the Tyrant (BA)
2.) "Jungle Dick" - Joe Dubbs (ZA) / Ironfist (SA)
3.)"Psycho Flame" - UTJ (DH) / Vic the Slick (BI)
4.) ShglBMX (BL) / Vicious (RU)
5.) Ty "r3nic" (KE) / BustaBust (AB)
5.) "Cashpit" - Kilomax / Anthony
7.) "RoTB" - Coffee (BA) / Wicked (BI)
7.) "Milf Habibs" - UmeShoryu (RY) / Sherryjenix (VI)

Got eliminated by UTJ/Vic and Tatsu / Bryant. Great tournament, fun times, awesome turnout. no videos recorded :(

*Denjin Arcade Ranbat Season #2 coming up soon!

West Coast Warzone Results!

Very sorry for the lack of udates on my blog. cotw #5 will be tomorrow/by this weekend for sure. Well first of all WCW sf4 results.

Street Fighter 4
1st Marn
2nd Alex Valle
3rd Edma
4th Yeb
5th UTJ
6th Eric Choi
7th Floe
7th Filipino Champ
(for full results click the title of this topic or click here)

Well i had a blast here. Definitely was NOT prepared what so ever but thats my fault. I lost to Yeb and Eric Choi in pools going 3-2 i think. After this event, i am some what inspired to play the game a bit more mainly to hang out with everyone but still i am making a comeback! LOL not but yeah im trying to play agian. Well here are the Top 8 vids from WCW for sf4. Ustream video.

West Coast Warzone!

This Labor Day weekend there is a socal major tournament ran by John Rog and Kai! They have been working hard to make sure everything will be smooth and I am sure it will be. If your in socal / in the area this weekend you should stop by! Here is the website for all the information about this tournament. This will also be my first tournament ever since sbo qualifiers at Denjin Arcade. I have not really played serious ever since, became more of a casual player. But that is another story.

so I am really stoked about West Coast Warzone. I will probably take some pics of it too, so I will post that up when I get back. Oh and I forgot, this event will be streamed!!!!

*note Clip/Tip of the week might be delayed once again.