Q & A!

So just a thought but I have been getting lots of messages and pm's and what not about some questions about abel or sf in general. Well im going to do a Q & A thing so if you have any questions post and i will type the answers out or make a video depending on what the question is. I have a few questions that im going to answer but i thought of just saving all of them and answering them at once when i think i have enough. if you wanna ask a question just leave a comment or pm me on youtube / srk forums. you can find my youtube page at the bottom under links and my srk profile here. I'm taking any questions, so ask away!

The Dog Face Show!!

Though this is not abel related i just wanted to post this. If you have not seen the dogface show yet then shame on you! Victor "Dogface" Ratliff is one talented fellow. Every episode of the dogface show makes me laugh. Here is the latest episode of his.

check out his website: http://dogfaceshow.com/ watch all his episodes if you haven't! you will not waste your time doing so. Here is his youtube page so subscribe to that! http://www.youtube.com/user/DogfaceShow

Haunts' SBO write up

Hey guys, check out iplaywinner.com for a write up on haunts/magus's trip down to socal 10 days prior to SBO Quals. It is definitely worth a read. The site is awesome so check out the whole site after reading it! the article can be found here or click on the title of this post.

My Abel Mix Up Video.

i was going to upload it here first but i had problems so i had to upload to youtube. well, here it is.

SBO Qualifiers @ Denjin Arcade Results!

3s Teams:

1) White Cat: Deadeye/Emphy/Ricky O.
2) Pyrolee-San: 5-Star/Ken-I/Kai
3) Thriller : Let Blood Run/Vinny/Renic

SF4 Teams:

1)West Coast Rush Kings: ComboFiend/Alex Valle (CV/RY)
2) EDDI: Edma/Ken-I (AK/RU)
3) East Coast: IloveuJoe/Art (SA/DH)
5) R+B: Ricky O./Buktooth (BA/EF)
7) Black $$$: Mike Ross/Keno (HO/BA)
7) Dae & Busta's: Dae/BustaBust (CH/AB)

Original Link: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=193998

edit (bustabust) - Well SBO is over and what a weekend it was. Best way to describe it is blood, sweat, and tears. Every match was intense from start to finish even though it ran for 13++ hours. None of the matches were boring, all of them were entertaining. Such high level play from everyone it was crazy. This tournament was no joke and seriously it was my favorite tournament/event that i have been to. Thanks to Gootecks, ufragtv, Get Your Tournament for awesome coverage. Thanks to the Denjin Arcade owners for having the best arcade in California. I can talk about this event all day but i will just cut it short. I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated, spectated, everyone pretty much. This couldn't be possible without everyone's support. Also good job to all placers! it really shows everyone is getting strong here. Do not sleep on anyone!

and lastly congrats and good luck to Combofiend/Alex valle in sf4 and Deadeye / Emphy / Ricky Ortiz in 3s. Rep us well and im sure you guys will own it up in japan!

Get Your Tournament Podcast Interview!

Glenn From Get Your Tournament did a short interview with me. His podcast is awesome, so listen to it! Check out the Get Your Tournament site or you click here to go directly to the page with the podcast or click the title of the post. I would like to thank Glenn for taking some time aside to interview me. Thanks again Glenn, what you are doing for the community is great! keep up the awesome work!

Before i forget, Get Your Tournament will be keeping updates on SBO qualifiers which is tomorrow! Can you believe it?!? SBO quals is tomorrow! Glenn will be interviewing people i think along with getting live feed of the tournament. Check out his site tomorrow for some sbo qual stuff. I would just favorite/bookmark his site since he has a lot of material on it i.e. podcast, videos, gaming news, and its not just on one game but almost every game.