MOV is here in the US!

I know this isn't really abel or even sf4 related but MOV from Japan is here in the states! MOV is an amazing 3s player, one of the best in Japan and he said that he wants to teach us 3rd strike! To watch a japanese player in person, and being able to play him inspired me to get better in 3s. He is here for the Sunroute Cup @ Denjin Arcade this weekend.

"MOV rapes us really bad. to get an idea of how bad the rape is, we were asking him how he ranks the players in japan. the most complete player at 100% skill level is kuroda. in 2nd place, with a skill level percentage of 7% is MOV. in 3rd place, with a percentage of 3% is momochi. the rest of the players in japan are somewhere from 0-1%...."

To see the rest of the article go to the Denjin Arcade Blog. A very interesting read. I am pretty sure this event is going to be streamed so Check out the Denjin blog for updates with MOV / Sunroute!

SF4 Biweekly TACV 07: Abel

Here is a cool sonic hurricane combo video that Maj made! Some of the Abel combo's here are pretty cool.

Maj has made a few of these and they are all pretty cool. check them out here!

Sunroute Cup Feb. 19th-21st @ Denjin Arcade With Momochi and MOV!

Denjin Arcade is hosting a major feb 20th and 21st. Well it's pretty much a 3 day event, the 19th (Friday) is a team tourney for both 3s and sf4 which will be capped. The 20th (Saturday) is 3rd strike singles and the 21st (Sunday) is SF4 singles. Denjin Arcade managed to get and fly out Momochi (Arguably one of the best Gouki players in the world/2009 tougeki champion) and MOV (2006/2008 tougeki champion). Check out the trailer below...

for info / details of this event click here

Also this event will be one of my last tournaments at least for now. I dont really want to use the word but i will be "retiring" to a certain extent. I am not going to practice anymore or really enter any tournaments in the future. I will enter a few here and there and only if they catch my interest and if they seem fun but as for now i am done with sf4. (not gonna get ssf4, maybe once summer hits ill get back into it). This definitely was a great run, i had a lot of fun playing this game and there are lots of moments/memories that will not be forgotten. My plans as of now is to focus more on school stuff but in all honesty nobody quits sf, they all come back. I know i will be visiting Denjin Arcade and playing 3s/sf4 still but not as much. Oh and i will still try to make videos, not gonna lie as you may know i have been lagging it hard with videos. They will come out eventually... i promise!