MOV is here in the US!

I know this isn't really abel or even sf4 related but MOV from Japan is here in the states! MOV is an amazing 3s player, one of the best in Japan and he said that he wants to teach us 3rd strike! To watch a japanese player in person, and being able to play him inspired me to get better in 3s. He is here for the Sunroute Cup @ Denjin Arcade this weekend.

"MOV rapes us really bad. to get an idea of how bad the rape is, we were asking him how he ranks the players in japan. the most complete player at 100% skill level is kuroda. in 2nd place, with a skill level percentage of 7% is MOV. in 3rd place, with a percentage of 3% is momochi. the rest of the players in japan are somewhere from 0-1%...."

To see the rest of the article go to the Denjin Arcade Blog. A very interesting read. I am pretty sure this event is going to be streamed so Check out the Denjin blog for updates with MOV / Sunroute!

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