Abel Tricks and Tips: Honda

So here is another video, (changing the name since i dont do them weekly hah) but this one is on Honda. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh and i forgot i left out a few clips but and i dont want to redo/reupload it since i just found out but if Honda ever does a random butt stomp you can cr.fp (2nd hit) or st.fp on his way down. Leave a comment and tell me what you think! feel free to criticize or give suggestions/what you would like to see next or in the future!

Abel Clip of The Week #7!

So here is another clip of the week regarding stuff against Blanka. I think i did enough until my stick started to lose direction. Well i hope its good enough lol. Anyways here it is and enjoy!

If you guys need help with stuff or have questions feel free to ask or ask in the Abel threads on shoryuken. (If you are going to use shoryuken search around first, look at the info thats already there before you ask).

Get Your Tournament 3 Year Anniversary Tourney!

So GYT reached their 3 year point on December 10th and what better way to celebrate by having a tournament?!? There will be a tournament for SF4 and Mario Kart Wii. This is going to be hype! Everyone come out if you are in the area, support GYT! Glenn has done SO much its ridiculous. The best gaming coverage out there imo. Anyways game rules:

Dec. 19, 2009

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Start time:
Registration at 5 p.m., games start at 6ish p.m.

Street Fighter IV - $5 entry per person
Mario Kart Wii - $1 entry per person

We'll cap SF4 if there's a lot of entries, say 64.

Street Fighter IV
Games are 2/3 throughout
Double elimination
IF by some miracle we get a lot of players (64), we'll do 1-game losers bracket until there are 8 remaining in total.
Payout is 70/20/10

Mario Kart Wii
Games are 3/5 throughout
Single elimination
Stage set to random, items set to strategic, 150cc
All karts/characters allowed
Banned shortcuts: Grumble Volcano at the start line, Mushroom Gorge around the mountain (You lose the race if you do this)
Shy Guy Beach is banned
You can't change kart/character during a match
Payout is winner take all

GYT has my support and they should have yours! everyone check out the GYT site, he provides a lot of streams and updates on tournaments for madden, tekken, sf4, and im sure for a lot more! Happy Birthday GYT!

Denjin Ranbat 2.3 Results!

Anyways i haven't updated these tournaments in awhile. This one had a smaller turnout than usual, about 41 people entered. Anyways TopTierGaming streams these ranbats now and you can check them out here. The archives are there so you can watch / rewatch the whole tournament if you want. Just click Archives and click on Dec 12th 2009 to watch / rewatch the tournament.

Here is a video of ComboJack (Sagat) vs Red Venom(Viper) Really good match, just watch for yourself!

Top 8 SF4:
1. ComboJack (SA)
2. Bryant (BA)
3. Joe Dubbs (ZA)
4. BustaBust (AB)
5. Red Venom (VI)
5. Coffee (SA/BA)
7. Seventy2B (ZA)
7. Hellfyre (RY)

Everyone Please subscribe to the DenjinArcade Youtube channel and subscribe to TopTierGaming! he has contests and you could win prizes but you have to subscribe!

Nominate Denjin Arcade PLEASE!!!

Everyone please nominate Denjin Arcade to have a chance to win $25,000. Last time they had this, Arcade UFO in Texas won the 25k, they deserve it as i have only heard good things about that arcade. Now the contest is up again and its nominating time! everyone please nominate Denjin Arcade. Why nominate Denjin Arcade you are asking? Well here are some reasons, Denjin Arcade is keeping the 3rd strike scene alive still, this is the place to be if you want to play 3rd strike. 2nd Denjin Arcade hosted a major tournament replacing NCR and made it California Regionals since NorCal had problems running this tournament. 3rd, Denjin Arcade was one of the first arcades to bring Street Fighter 4 down to the cost of just one quarter. 4th, Denjin Arcade had SBO (Super Battle Opera) Qualifiers here at Denjin Arcade, not only did Denjin host the qualifiers but after Alex Valle and Combofiend took it, Denjin Arcade payed 50% of the cost to get them to Japan. Those are just some of many reasons why you should nominate for this arcade, so everyone please vote Denjin Arcade! Denjin has done a lot for the community, lets help them out and give back. Click the title to the post or click here to nominate denjin!

Top Tier Gaming will stream Arcade Infinity's Ranbat this Sunday (12/6)!!!!

Upcoming SFIV Streams:

When: Sunday December 6th
Where: Arcade Infinity
Time: 1pm PST/ 4pm EST
Arcade Website: http://arcadeinfinity.blogspot.com/
SRK Thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=214686

Future News:

Make sure to favorite/ subscribe to the stream. I will be starting to have some raffles so you the viewer may win prizes. The upcoming raffles are free and the only way to enter is by favoriting to the stream. Just go towww.justin.tv/toptiergaming and click on "Add Channel" underneath the stream and that's it, you're entered. You don't need to be there when the raffle is announced, just hope you're the winner.

Link to our feed, please subscribe:




I would like to announce the opening of Top Tier Gaming on Justin TV.

What's Justin TV?

Taken straight from Justin.tv

Founded in October 2006, Justin.tv is the largest online community for people to broadcast, watch and interact around live video. With more than 41 million unique visitors per month and 428,000 channels broadcasting live video, Justin.tv is the leading live video site on the Web, enabling users to create real-time connections with others around the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, Justin.tv is funded by: Y Combinator, Alsop Louie Partners and Draper Associates.

What is Top Tier Gaming?

Top Tier Gaming is a channel that will be streaming gaming related live media on Justin TV.

What can I expect to see/ gain?

Live streamed tourneys and casuals almost every weekend from top arcades down here in SoCal. Two of these awesome arcades are Denjin Arcade and Arcade Infinity, the top two places to play SFIV in California.

That sounds great, anything else?

Yeah, that's just the start of it. We will be throwing massive online tourneys that will be streamed straight through Top Tier Gaming's JTV feed. Not only that, we will have an assortment of prizes for these games as time goes.

Wow, I can't wait, how much does this all cost?

Are you an idiot? It's free!!! All we kindly ask of you is to donate what you can to the benefit. None of the donated money goes into our pockets but it is used for maintaining the upcoming site and also allowing us to help stream any and all TOURNAMENTS that we are able to attend. Instead of getting the shaft and seeing a couple BB matches we will be able to show you entire tournaments and get you all the highlights of BB or any game for that matter including player interviews and tips from other pros. We will not only stop there but show the hype that goes down with many of these huge money matches or just casuals all night. If you though SBO Japanese chopstick ass cracking was L337 you're not gonna wanna miss this.

We will be having our first broadcast in the next coming weeks and we will post on here when we have set a time and date.

Abel Clip of The Week #6!!

With a long break from making videos i finally made another one. Very sorry for this but just too much going on lately and my stick sucking ass doesn't help. directions go out a lot and i need to buy a new stick but dont really wanna spend the money on that right now. It's hard to make videos without a good stick so i can properly do them so i will try to make do with what i already have and i guess i gotta leave out some stuff. There is a bunch of things i left out i know, but thats how it will be when i make these types of videos because i dont really want super long videos. anyways here is the Clip! its regarding some situational stuff against zangief. hope you guys enjoy and any feedback is appreciated!


Okay so the next couple of weeks im going to do my best to get some vids up and finish editing and all that. i know i haven't updated in a long time, truth is im busy with school and other stuff instead of fighters but once i have time i'll dedicate it to finishing up some editing to post the vids out. Dont think i can do it this weekend due to the Denjin Arcade 3rd strike 5 on 5 tourney but hopefully within the next couple of weeks ill get something out! i want to see the finished product as much as whoever goes to this site. just be patient and it will come out! sorry for the lack of updates and videos.

Arcade Infinity Ranbat 2.6 next weekend!

Arcade Infinity will be having a tournament soon! It has been a long time since they held a tournament so if you live in the area or want to get some good fights in or even spectate and have a good time then definitely go to this! more info will come later but here are some rules / info.

when: TBA

who: You!

rules: Standard 2/3 Rounds, (losers is single game until top 8) Loser Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals will stay 2/3, Double Elimination.

$4 entry fee + $1 towards the big pot which will go to the winner of the ranbat season.

NEW RULE: 50 man cap!

There will be an extra console set up outside!

want to know what the current ranbat points are or who is leading it atm or want more info? go to the Arcade Infinity Blog!!

2 Tournaments Today 2 Streams!

So there are 2 tournaments going on tonight in California. Both have great players so if you want to watch some good Cali sf4 matches here is where you go. The San Diego tournament is having a qualifiers tournament and right after an invitational tournament. check out that stream here. There is also another tournament House of Cicada sf4 tournament, check that out here. Crazy night and if you are not busy and want to check out some good sf4 action be sure to check out one of these (or maybe both!) and enjoy yourselves!

Denjin Arcade Pre-Ranbat Tourney!

Last night there was a tourney at Denjin Arcade since the ranbat season #2 is almost here this was a warm up tourney until the ranbat starts. It was a 2v2 team tourney Mikado style and the format was pokemon. We had 31 entrants and what a tournament it was. All 2nd round winners were great matches to watch and top 8 was very entertaining. Here are the results..
SF4 2v2 Mikado (31 entrants):
1.) UltraDavid (ZA/DH)
2.) BustaBust (VI/AB)
3.) Ironfist (ZA/SA)
4.) Gootecks (SA/BA)
5.) Brandon S. (ZA/??)
5.) Joe Dubbs (SA/ZA)
7.) JC (akuma/??)
7.) Bryant The Tyrant (BA/AB)

Let me note that UltraDavid is a BEAST. lost to him twice (winners finals/grand finals). Definitely a tournament you should not have missed if you were in the area. Lots of good games and fun times. Tournament went pretty smooth and i can't wait for the ranbats to start! Get Your Tournament was there and streamed the tournament. I am pretty sure he will upload them when he gets the chance, i will post back and link the videos once they are out. Want to get the best coverage for the gaming scene? Go to the Get Your Tournament site!

News On Blog Updates.

i won't be updating the blog as much as i would like to. I am going to give me some time to have a good amount of info/material ready and once i do this will be up and running again with a bunch of clips and stuff. I am pretty busy with other stuff and dont have the time as of right now to finish all of the editing for the videos i produce. But don't worry i will still update with some news whether it be Abel related or not! Please stay with me as i try to get things organized and ready before i put things out. Hold tight, and to those of you that actually follow me with the site and are awaiting updates my i apologize but just wait! i will finish editing all the videos i have and getting ready to start updating the blog more soon!

West Coast Warzone Videos Are Up!

So West Coast Warzone Videos are up and they are still finishing up some videos. Check it out! http://westcoastwarzonevideos.com/ if you are bored and want to watch high level play definitely watch these videos! If you want to see the other videos you have to wait, they are doing their best to get all their videos out asap BUT you can sign up, giving them your email in the box to the right and they will email you with updates on videos when they come out!

Abel Clip of The Week #5

First of all i want to apologize for the delay (#6 will come out soon i promise and this will be some match up stuff, i.e. things that you can punish and stuff like that since i have a lot of request for this i will start doing these). Managed to do what i can. the video does not have a very good description so just read this stuff.

dmg / Stun

Cr.fp, close rh 210 / 300

Cr.fp, far rh 210 / 350

Cr.fp sweep 210 / 350

Cr.fp, close fp 190 / 250

Cr.fp far fp 240 / 350

Cr.fp lk wk 230 / 350

Cr.fp mk wk 250 / 350

Cr.fp rh wk 270 / 350

Cr.fp close mp 160 / 200

Cr.fp far mp 190 / 250

cr.fp = crouching fierce punch

mp/lk/mk/rh = medium punch/light kick/medium kick/roundhouse

Cr.fp rh wheel kick doesn't work on - guile, dhalsim, blanka, chun, fei, rose, bison, balrog, seth.

Cr.fp rh wheel kick crosses up on everyone but the above AND to do it on sagat/zangief, you have to be spaced out far enough (pretty much max range for cr.fp) and do the rh wheel kick / it wont cross them up. oh and E.Honda, you can do any version wheel kick at point blank and it will never cross him up, best option to do if you get cr.fp in the corner against honda.

Cr.fp mk wheel kick crosses up on everyone but gen, honda, vega, fuerte.


*in the video, i do 3 sets of wheel kicks against ryu, first one with lk wheel kick, 2nd mk, 3rd rh showing you what happens afterwards. i dont recommend doing this against characters that you will cross up since they can quick get up and now you are in the corner. i also do 3 sets of wheel kick against honda, same thing but showing you that you cant cross him up after you do (insert strength) wheel kick.

* for cr.fp far roundhouse / fierce, you most likely will have to slightly walk back so it almost doesnt even look like you even took a step back.

* to do the mk wheel kick against sagat/zangief in the corner you have to cancel as late as possible. if you cancel too fast you will whiff and now you are in the corner. when you hit the mk wheel kick against these 2 in the corner, you will not cross them up.

Denjin Arcade 1 Year Anniversary!

Again im late on this but its better than no post at all right? for the few that even look at this blog here are some results from this tourney. (click topic for full results)

Street Fighter 4: 2v2 (32 teams)
1.) "Talk to Me" - Tatsu (VE) / Bryant the Tyrant (BA)
2.) "Jungle Dick" - Joe Dubbs (ZA) / Ironfist (SA)
3.)"Psycho Flame" - UTJ (DH) / Vic the Slick (BI)
4.) ShglBMX (BL) / Vicious (RU)
5.) Ty "r3nic" (KE) / BustaBust (AB)
5.) "Cashpit" - Kilomax / Anthony
7.) "RoTB" - Coffee (BA) / Wicked (BI)
7.) "Milf Habibs" - UmeShoryu (RY) / Sherryjenix (VI)

Got eliminated by UTJ/Vic and Tatsu / Bryant. Great tournament, fun times, awesome turnout. no videos recorded :(

*Denjin Arcade Ranbat Season #2 coming up soon!

West Coast Warzone Results!

Very sorry for the lack of udates on my blog. cotw #5 will be tomorrow/by this weekend for sure. Well first of all WCW sf4 results.

Street Fighter 4
1st Marn
2nd Alex Valle
3rd Edma
4th Yeb
5th UTJ
6th Eric Choi
7th Floe
7th Filipino Champ
(for full results click the title of this topic or click here)

Well i had a blast here. Definitely was NOT prepared what so ever but thats my fault. I lost to Yeb and Eric Choi in pools going 3-2 i think. After this event, i am some what inspired to play the game a bit more mainly to hang out with everyone but still i am making a comeback! LOL not but yeah im trying to play agian. Well here are the Top 8 vids from WCW for sf4. Ustream video.

West Coast Warzone!

This Labor Day weekend there is a socal major tournament ran by John Rog and Kai! They have been working hard to make sure everything will be smooth and I am sure it will be. If your in socal / in the area this weekend you should stop by! Here is the website for all the information about this tournament. http://www.warzonetournament.com/. This will also be my first tournament ever since sbo qualifiers at Denjin Arcade. I have not really played serious ever since, became more of a casual player. But that is another story.

so I am really stoked about West Coast Warzone. I will probably take some pics of it too, so I will post that up when I get back. Oh and I forgot, this event will be streamed!!!!

*note Clip/Tip of the week might be delayed once again.

Abel Clip of The Week #4

Okay so I feel bad about putting out the last clip of the week so late so I am putting the #4 out right now! Oh and i found a way to get sf4 on the pc for cheap (not gonna post how) but i got sf4 for pc and recorded with fraps so now my cotw's will be in game quality! Anyways I think (i can be wrong) but people don't know many options if you focus back dash and get the crumple. people usually just sweep but you can do more damage than that! check it out.

The last reset is just showing some options you can do after it. i was just demonstrating what you can do. obviously you can do more than that, you can (after focus back dash crumple) dash forward and do medium kick (not f+mk but the one that looks just like it) and roll but if you want to cross up you have to use mk roll. I am pretty sure that after you see that last reset you can figure out what else you can do, pretty much dash up and do any normal where you can cancel and it will work but the cr.lp/lk dash is the best one if you are going to dash forward and do a normal (imo). So tell me what you think and give some feedback! Hope you guys liked/learned from it and next week cotw #5 so stay tuned for that! also if you guys have any suggestions or anything or want me to do a video on a specific thing then pm me on shoryuken or leave a comment here.

Clip/Tip of The Week #3

Sorry for the delay but with school starting up and other things going on i couldn't get it out as soon as i thought i would. Anyways here it is. I have had a few questions from people asking about the timing of cr.fp (anti air) ultra so here it is.

Oh and i wanted to add this in but forgot. If your cr.fp trades with your opponent you can ultra immediately because once you get out of hit stun you will just hit them with the ultra because they will be at mid/far range when you trade (or most likely will be). I am prepared for the next clip/tip of the week so that one will not come out as late as this one. sorry about that but school is gonna keep me busy so if i dont get the video out for that week, ill post 2 cotw's in the next. Any feedback or suggestions or anything would be appreciated!

Clip/Tip Of The Week #2!

hey guys back with another clip/tip of the week! so some of you may/may not know about this but either way you learn something/ i will refresh you with it but here it is. against your opponent you can do cr.lk, cr.lp, st.mp/fp xx CoD. Here is a video of me showing you this combo.

* able to do this w/o f+mk - bison, fuerte, cammy

* able to do only after f+mk - sakura, dan, gen, abel, viper, balrog, vega/claw, sagat, seth, ken, ryu, dhalsim, fei, akuma, gouken

* characters you can't do it against - rose, rufus, honda, zangief, guile, chun, blanka

Note that in the video i do forward medium kick dash before i do this combo. you are thinking to yourself that it didn't combo. well you are right, the reason i did that is because against most characters you have to do this in order for this to work unless it is on a counter hit. Although if you do this on fuerte, bison/dictator or cammy you dont have to do the f+mk before the combo and you will get all the hits. weird but thats how it works. oh and for cammy if you do f+mk dash and try to do this combo you will be out of range too, i know i know this stuff is weird but can be useful. I posted this one because it is a good hit confirm into CoD which is what every abel player would like to land. For instance if you do f+mk dash cr.lk, cr.lp and they blocked both, you dont have to follow up with mp/fp, you can go ahead and either continue the block string or throw/command throw or something but if it hits then continue with the combo. if they are crouching i would recommend doing st.mp instead of fp to make sure it hits since st.fp whiffs on a lot of crouching characters but st.mp hits every crouching character. hope you guys liked it and any feedback would be great. another clip/tip next week!

oh and my Q and A's thing will come out soon. i had a lot of questions and i cut it down to only a few just so its not like 1-2 pages long. will be out this week/weekend.

Clip/Tip Of The Week!

So Here is my new thing i will try to update every week if i can. hopefully i will but who knows :P anyways this is some stuff you might want to know with the standing roundhouse overhead move. I am balrog in this video, i recorded abel to do this in training mode.

That video i demonstrated the combo, it stuffs headbutt so if you are playing a headbutt happy balrog/boxer this is your answer. Although it does stuff headbutt it does not stuff EX headbutt like i demonstrated also. The combo is st.rh f+mk dash st.fp xx CoD. This is on counter hit and can only be done on counter hit. If you manage to get the counter hit using the overhead version of roundhouse than this will work on anyone.

on counter hit using this you can also do:

st.rh, cr.mp, mp CoD - it works on everyone but sagat, figures... haha
st.rh into super - works on everyone
st.rh, st.mp xx super - mid screen - vega, honda, chun, dhalsim, gouken. in the corner - bison/dictator, fei long, and akuma. (i did not test everyone in the corner sorry for laziness)
st.rh cr.lk xx super - vega, viper, rufus, bison/dictator, honda, ken, ryu, chun, fei, cammy, akuma, gouken, dan, rose, and sakura.

*note this is only on counter hit.

Well there it is, hopefully this was somewhat useful or interesting to you. tell me what you think or what i should add for future reference. Next week i will put another clip or tip hopefully so stay tuned!

New Layout!

So this is the new layout. Thanks a bunch to Tin for helping me out with this new layout! I can't thank you enough. Now it really looks good haha. Anyways some new ideas i have in mind. In the previous post i stated that i will be putting up random videos/clips of tips and things that not every abel player might not know. I am planning to put one up every week if i can but i warn you i might get lazy heh. These videos/clips may come from other sources via youtube or something, i might make them? im not completely sure yet but i will do my best. Some of them might be long some might be a few seconds but who knows we will find out when the time comes. Since i got a new computer i didn't get to save my document file awhile back so im starting new with that and im going to post the Q and A thing in a few days hopefully. I am sorry for the lack of updates but so far its looking good. I got a new computer so now i can update again and along with a new member that helps with the site which made it look awesome!


For the lack of updates. My computer was messed up and i just got a brand new computer today. I was on a laptop lately but it was terrible so i didn't even bother. New things to come like new short videos on random tips you should know and hopefully a new layout? just wait and see whats coming!

Q & A!

So just a thought but I have been getting lots of messages and pm's and what not about some questions about abel or sf in general. Well im going to do a Q & A thing so if you have any questions post and i will type the answers out or make a video depending on what the question is. I have a few questions that im going to answer but i thought of just saving all of them and answering them at once when i think i have enough. if you wanna ask a question just leave a comment or pm me on youtube / srk forums. you can find my youtube page at the bottom under links and my srk profile here. I'm taking any questions, so ask away!

The Dog Face Show!!

Though this is not abel related i just wanted to post this. If you have not seen the dogface show yet then shame on you! Victor "Dogface" Ratliff is one talented fellow. Every episode of the dogface show makes me laugh. Here is the latest episode of his.

check out his website: http://dogfaceshow.com/ watch all his episodes if you haven't! you will not waste your time doing so. Here is his youtube page so subscribe to that! http://www.youtube.com/user/DogfaceShow

Haunts' SBO write up

Hey guys, check out iplaywinner.com for a write up on haunts/magus's trip down to socal 10 days prior to SBO Quals. It is definitely worth a read. The site is awesome so check out the whole site after reading it! the article can be found here or click on the title of this post.

My Abel Mix Up Video.

i was going to upload it here first but i had problems so i had to upload to youtube. well, here it is.

SBO Qualifiers @ Denjin Arcade Results!

3s Teams:

1) White Cat: Deadeye/Emphy/Ricky O.
2) Pyrolee-San: 5-Star/Ken-I/Kai
3) Thriller : Let Blood Run/Vinny/Renic

SF4 Teams:

1)West Coast Rush Kings: ComboFiend/Alex Valle (CV/RY)
2) EDDI: Edma/Ken-I (AK/RU)
3) East Coast: IloveuJoe/Art (SA/DH)
5) R+B: Ricky O./Buktooth (BA/EF)
7) Black $$$: Mike Ross/Keno (HO/BA)
7) Dae & Busta's: Dae/BustaBust (CH/AB)

Original Link: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=193998

edit (bustabust) - Well SBO is over and what a weekend it was. Best way to describe it is blood, sweat, and tears. Every match was intense from start to finish even though it ran for 13++ hours. None of the matches were boring, all of them were entertaining. Such high level play from everyone it was crazy. This tournament was no joke and seriously it was my favorite tournament/event that i have been to. Thanks to Gootecks, ufragtv, Get Your Tournament for awesome coverage. Thanks to the Denjin Arcade owners for having the best arcade in California. I can talk about this event all day but i will just cut it short. I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated, spectated, everyone pretty much. This couldn't be possible without everyone's support. Also good job to all placers! it really shows everyone is getting strong here. Do not sleep on anyone!

and lastly congrats and good luck to Combofiend/Alex valle in sf4 and Deadeye / Emphy / Ricky Ortiz in 3s. Rep us well and im sure you guys will own it up in japan!

Get Your Tournament Podcast Interview!

Glenn From Get Your Tournament did a short interview with me. His podcast is awesome, so listen to it! Check out the Get Your Tournament site or you click here to go directly to the page with the podcast or click the title of the post. I would like to thank Glenn for taking some time aside to interview me. Thanks again Glenn, what you are doing for the community is great! keep up the awesome work!

Before i forget, Get Your Tournament will be keeping updates on SBO qualifiers which is tomorrow! Can you believe it?!? SBO quals is tomorrow! Glenn will be interviewing people i think along with getting live feed of the tournament. Check out his site tomorrow for some sbo qual stuff. I would just favorite/bookmark his site since he has a lot of material on it i.e. podcast, videos, gaming news, and its not just on one game but almost every game.

SBO Qualifiers at Denjin Arcade 6/6!

So you think you got what it takes in sf4 or 3rd strike? Come to Denjin Arcade this Saturday (june 6th) and bring it. This tournament isn't going to be fun and games, this is going to be intense. Everyone is playing to win, no messing around. This Is SBO Quals. For those of you that don't know what SBO is, it stands for Super Battle Opera. It happens every year and is an arcade tournament in japan. The biggest tournament and the one that matters the most imo. So far some of the teams confirmed are pretty damn good. It really is a toss up, any team can take it.

Here is the info about the tournament:

Street Fighter III: Third Strike will be 3on3
Street Fighter 4 will be 2on2

Registration starts at 10:00 am
Tournament starts at 12:00 pm

U.S Passport Required !

Entry Fee: $25 Per Person
Format: Double Eliminaton - 2 out of 3 games

-No Same Character in the Team
-Pokemon Format
-Winning team of each event will represent the U.S in their respective game at the final bracket at SBO 2009 and have half of their round trip plane ticket paid from U.S to Narita Airport

General Info:
-Street Fighter 4 will be on Head 2 Head Sega Netcity Cabinets with Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y Joysticks & Sanwa OSBF-3 buttons
-Street Fighter III: Third Strike will be on Sega New Versus City head 2 head cabinets with Seimitsu LS-32-02 joysticks & Sanwa OSBF-3 buttons

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

So the winners of SBO Quals gets to go to Japan. Half of their fee's for the flight and stuff are payed and they have to come up with the other half. I am going to have a weak attempt but if you donate, all of the donations right now will be funded towards that. To be honest im not expecting any but if i do get any donations, it will be going towards sbo. To see the SBO Quals thread click here or click on the title of the post.

Denjin Ranbat 1.6 Results!

So let just start off by saying that to me, I thought Denjin Arcade's first ever ranbat was a success. We always had a good number of players come and everyone single one was fun. It is like a bittersweet feeling right now, sucks that its gone but it was awesome and will be back soon! Anyways here are the results

SF4 Ranbat Results:

1) Ken-I (RU)
2) Magus1234 (VI)
3) SIN (RU)
4) ComboJack (SA)
5) Bustabust (AB)
5) Gootecks (BA)
7) Edma (KE/BA)
7) Dae (CH)

Here are the top 5 point holders for the season.
Current SF4 Standing:
1) Gootecks 31
2) Sextaro 30
3) Sin 20
4) Ironfist 16
5) Ed Ma 11

Congrats Ryan "Gootecks" Guiterrez for being the 1st sf4 champion at denjin! I would also like to say Congrats to Yi "5 Star" Wang for dominating 3rd strike this season. These are your Denjin Champs of season 1! Lets see if they will maintain their spots in the future.

Before i go i would like to say it was cool meeting new players. These tournaments were a nice gathering and I can't wait for the next season. I am pretty proud of myself also, out of 6 tournaments, I have made top 8 four times. ranbat 1.1 = 7th place, 1.3 = 5th, 1.5 = 7th and 1.6 = 5th. Wow I really didn't expect to do so well. This was all too much fun and I can't wait for season 2!! with all that aside though SBO Quals is really just around the corner and i am going to get ready for that. For full results click here or click on the title of this post.

Ex CoD xx Ex Roll

Just uploading a few videos that I already have here. I am still going to mess around with this stuff and hopefully produce more videos of actual game play where i use this. I haven't managed to do ex CoD xx ex CoD yet but I will work on it. I haven't messed around with this as much as I wanted to but in a few weeks this will change. Well here are some small videos with my button inputs. Enjoy!

Ex CoD xx Ex Marceaux Roll

note* there is 1 more video that needs to be uploaded but I am having trouble getting it up. It will be up asap.

Ex CoD xx Super

Ex Change of Direction xx Super

Ex CoD xx Ex Wheel kick

Ex Change of Direction xx Ex Wheel Kick

Ex CoD xx Ex TT

Ex Change of Direction xx Ex Tornado Throw

Small Update!

Well SBO Qualifiers is right around the corner (a week) and really I have been waiting to play in this tournament for quite a while. So all the projects that i want to start / finish up will be done after SBO quals. I want to focus all my attention on this tournament instead of other things. Expect some stuff to come out after this event (and give me time to make/finish them since it can be time consuming). Thanks and hopefully i will get the stuff out soon. As a result of my slack i will upload any video projects i finish on this blog first and then upload the same video a week or so later on youtube.

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.6

So Ranbat 1.6 is this saturday (5/30) and its going to be the last one of the season. Definitely come out to this one if you haven't and if you have been to one COME TO THIS ONE! lets celebrate denjin's first ever ranbat and finish with a bang! This will be a nice last tournament before Super Battle Opera Qualifers (SBO quals) which will be held at Denjin on June 6th. If you guys are planning to play in sbo you should come to this last ranbat to play with the players and get used to the set up.

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

For full details about the tournament or for 3s click here

Denjin Ranbat 1.5 Results!

sorry this is a little late, I have been kind of busy with some stuff.

well here are the results:
1) Gootecks (BA)
2) Kai (EF)
3) IronFist (SA)
4) Sin (RU)
5) Combo Jack (SA)
5) Dae (CH)
7) Joe Dubbs (ZA)
7) Bustabust (AB)

I'm still hanging in there, top 8 at least! everyone is leveling up so fast its a tough battle to make it to top 8. Glad to see we get a good amount of players everytime. Full results here

Ex CoD xx Ultra

Early February i was inspired by Keno (socal balrog) to try something out. He found out about Balrog's Ex amor tricks. Abel's was done before but nobody really experimented with it as much. I then did it but it was hard since i had to do it in the arcades. I am going to be making a video showing all of them and here is a small sample i made with button inputs!!

Abel Videos!

Just wanted to let all you Abel fans know that I have been uploading some videos that I recorded of me playing online. I will also be uploading/making other videos that aren't casuals or w/e. http://www.youtube.com/user/xbstx Subscribe to my youtube account so you know when my newest videos come out!

The Ladies of Street Fighter 4 Tournament!!

Hey guys, my good friend Shoo (you might know him as Shoo/does AI video commentary :D) from Arcade Infinity (AI) has just posted this event! Its an all girls tournament / event which will be on June 27th. Check it out here, The Official Arcade Infinity Blog. Here is a little piece from the site:

Welcome to THE LADIES OF STREET FIGHTER 4. Sixteen of your favorite socal SF4 players have been secretly training sixteen lovely ladies for what might be the girliest Street Fighter Tournament in the history of Street Fighter.

LOSF will consist of a Photo shoot at the Arcade, video interviews conducted by Gootecks, with Special guests.

Tournament will be Single Elimination, no entry fee, prizes to be determined.

This will be the event of the Summer! COME OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN. For more details go to the AI blog (which i highly recommend you clicking even if you are not interested JUST CLICK HERE!)

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.4 Results

1) Gootecks (BA)
2) Mike Ross (EH)
3) Sextaro (RU)
4) Keno (BA)
5) Joe Dubbs (ZA)
5) Sin (RU)
7) Ironfist (SA)
7) Dae (CH)

Full Standing of points can be found here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=190026

Hope to see you all Ranbat 1.5!

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.4!

Hey guys just letting you know that the 4th Denjin Ranbat is this saturday!! These tournaments come quick and are so much fun. Here are the rules

SF4 and 3s Rules
Best of 3 games
Double Elimination
One character throughout tournament (NEW RULE)
For 3s, Judgment is in play

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 6 PM, Tournament begins at 7 PM
$5 Entry

50% of entry fees are donated to sponsor the SBO qualified teams at Denjin Arcade.

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

If you live in the area or if you can drive out to this go! Come support the sf4 scene and become apart of what is just the beginning. The scene just gets bigger and bigger, come out and make sf4 be even bigger!!!

To see the official thread/current point standings either click the title or you can go here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=189012

I'm Going To Make Abel Vids

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that since i have a console, and once i get my stick modded and working i will be making some videos. I have planned to make Abel videos for quite awhile now (since December). These videos are not going to be anything super fancy, they are just going to be short(maybe long) videos of tips and tricks you can use. I will keep you guys updated. Also remember that document i made for Abel's normals? I am deciding whether i want to make it a video now but that is undecided. Hopefully I will get my stick soon so I can start on this video thing I have been wanting to do. Let me know what you guys think! Also if you have any suggestions or anything post it and I will do my best to fulfill it.

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.3 Results!

So here we are with the results. Let me just say that this tournament was awesome. We had a total of 48 players enter and it was just really fun. Even though I didn't eat anything that day and the day before besides a burger (literally nothing else) I still managed to place in top 8. woo! haha im glad this tournament had such a good turnout. seriously everyone in socal needs to play in one of these ranbats. Its just too much fun! Here are the Results

SF4 (48 players)
1) Sin (Rufus)
2) Art (E Honda)
3) Ironfist (Sagat)
4) Bebop (Vega)
5) Bustabust (Abel)
5) CSB (Balrog)
7) misterbean (Ryu)
7) Jeremy (Rufus)

Here are the Current Point Standings:
1) Sextaro 15
2) Ed Ma 10
2) Sin 10
2) Ironfist 10
3) Gootecks 9
4) Art 8
5) UltraDavid 7
6) CSB 5
7) Kai 3
7) Bebop 3
7) Bustabust 3
8) Joey aka "The BOSS" 2
8) Mike Ross 2
8) Amir 2
9) Tatsu 1
9) Dae 1
9) misterbean 1
9) Jeremy 1

quite a list we have for the standings! so many ppl have made top 8, its awesome! Well hope to see more new faces at the next tourney which is in 2 weeks! I'll update the next ranbat at denjin when they make the announcement. To see results from 3rd strike also click the title of this post, it will send you directly to the thread with the results for both sf4 and 3rd strike. To finish it off, here is a vid someone uploaded of my match vs Kai (who btw won the touney at the Nucleus gallery, congrats on that kai!)

I Got A Console!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know i just got a console. I bought one off my friend brand new, i have got to play/use it a few times when i went to his house and he sold me it for cheap. sadly when he decided to sell me it the free 1 month pretty much ended (well technically ends this monday) but yeah. i would really like to thank everyone that helped me buy a console. luckily i found a friend who sold it for cheap or else i wouldnt even have one haha. oh and to all the donators, if you have a 360 and you wanna get those games in i promised send me a pm via shoryuken or email me at l3ustal3ust@yahoo.com. let me know that you donated and i will add you and we can play. im gonna get all the donators first then i will post my gamertag out to the public once this is done. but as of now im gonna have to find a source of income to buy a 12 month since the 1 month is gone on this! anyways i really want to thank everyone that has donated! a friend of mine is modding my stick so i can play it on 360 so atm if we do play i will be using a pad. if you would like to help me get a 12 month plz donate and you i will promise you the same.

Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.3!

Hey guys, if you live in California try to make it out to a Denjin Arcade Ranbat (Ranking Battle)! The next one is this coming Sunday (4/26). Here are the rules:

SF4 and 3s Rules
Best of 3 games
Double Elimination
One character throughout tournament (NEW RULE)
For 3s, Judgment is in play

For SF4
Sign ups at 11 AM, Tournament begins at 12 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 12 PM, Tournament begins at 1 PM
$5 Entry

50% of the entry fee money is going to be donated towards the SBO team fund so we can fly them out to Japan and compete in SBO (Super Battle Opera). To see current point standings in both 3rd strike and Street Fighter 4 click here. Come out and try to earn some points!

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Check This Out!

A good friend of mine Christian "Mtsac Kid" has made a blog for guile. Just wanted to let everyone know. His guile is a beast, he really knows his stuff and you can tell by just looking and reading his blog. He is a very skilled guile player and if you are looking/want some tips you can definitely go to his blog. His blog is still pretty new so help support him and check it out! http://thesf4guileblog.wordpress.com/

Abel Infinite!

I wanted to post this a long time ago but kept forgetting but Abel has an infinite against chun li and rufus! they are both slightly different but the one against chun li is (close)st.lp xx cr.lp (far)st.lp x 2 f+mk dash and repeat. The one against rufus is (close)st.lp xx cr.lk, cr.lp, (far)st.lp f+mk dash and repeat. Here is a video from youtube showing the infinite.

I think that this infinite is good. People may disagree but hey an infinite is an infinite. I say its good because you can start it off of f+mk dash and i would say that the f+mk dash is one of abel's best tools. i mean since you can do it off of that it seems like a great tool against chun and rufus. Sure the damage sucks but its free damage and during it you can mix it up from there.

Denjin Ranbat 1.2 sf4 results!

So the Denjin tournament on Saturday was awesome! Some people came to denjin right after another tournament and i would really like to thank all the players for coming out whether you were participating or not. Here are the results:

SF4 (48 Entrants)
1) Ken-I (Rufus)
2) UltraDavid (Dhalsim, Zangief)
3) IronFist (Sagat)
4) Kai (El Fuerte)
5) Gootecks (Boxer)
5) Amir (Ken, Ryu)
7) Dae (Chun-li)
7) Tatsu (Claw)

here are the current standings in the ranbat for sf4:

Current SF4 Standing:
1) Sextaro 15
2) Ed Ma 10
3) Gootecks 9
4) UltraDavid 7
5) IronFist 5
6) Kai 3
6) CSB 3
8) Joey aka "The BOSS" 2
8) Mike Ross 2
8) Amir 2
11) Tatsu 1
11) Art 1
11) Bustabust 1
11) Dae 1

I didn't make top 8 but was close (12th), my match with ken i was really close. Glad to see everyone and it really was fun to meet and greet again. Definitely come out to these ranbats if you can, the next one should be in two weeks. here is a link to the thread with results from 3s also

Street Fighter Bar Fights Just Ended...

What can i say about bar fights? everything about it was awesome. so many players came out, new and old and it was a blast. i got to meet a ton of players, i got to hang out with my favorite street fighter buds and really if you didn't go you missed out. all i can tell you is don't miss the next one! great games played, awesome matches, a HUGE turnout too. good shit to Gootecks for running this. i didn't expect so many players to come out and who would've though there would ever be a line to watch sf4? that place was packed but it was awesome.

Before i forget, Denjin is having another ranbat (ranking battle) this saturday 4/11. The more players the better. i hope we get more and more players each time. The first ranbat was a huge success but lets beat that and get more players! come support team SBO and play in the tournaments! here is a link for more info. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184653

Denjin Ranbat Results!

So Denjin's first ranbat just finished, and i would like to say thanks to everyone who came down to denjin to play. we had a HUGE turnout and it was way bigger than i thought it would be so that was awesome.

top 8 results SF4 (58 entrants)
1 Ed Ma 10pts(akuma)
2 Gootecks 7pts(boxer)
3 Sextaro 5pts(rufus)
4 CSB 3pts(boxer)
5 Joey aka "The BOSS" 2pts(zangief)
5 Mike Ross 2pts(honda / sagat)
7 Art 1pt(dhalsim / honda)
7 Bustabust 1pt(abel)

reppin that abel! haha. The ranbat was really fun and if you missed it you should definitely come to the next one! it was awesome to see everyone again along with some new players. its always a pleasure to talk with you guys. See you guys in 2 weeks! (if you are going) and really these tournaments are something nobody should be missing so come out and play in the tournament!

I Got Interviewed!

hey guys, SpawnSC has recently interviewed me and he put it up on his blog. just thought i would post it. you can find it on his site here. http://spawnsc.com/ His site is awesome so go check it out!

Denjin Arcade Ranbats Are About to Begin!

Everyone in socal, if you live close to Denjin Arcade go to the ranbats (Ranking Battles). All of the money from the tournament will be funded towards the qualifiers for SBO (Super Battle Opera) which is a huge tournament in Japan and we need as many people to come play in the tournaments as possible. By playing in the tournaments you can only get better and you are helping the players who qualify for SBO get out to Japan. It is a win win for everyone. The first ranbat will be this coming Saturday and you can check it out here. The 2 games that are going to be funded towards SBO are 3s and sf4 although there will be other players running different tournaments on the days of the ranbat such as HD remix ran by Cesar so come out and play!

address to Denjin Arcade :
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Also check out the Denjin Arcade site here!

On a side note, AI (Arcade Infinity) just had a the first ranbat of season 2 and they had a huge turnout. they had to cap it at 64 players which is intense! Biggest tournament AI has had for singles so far. This shows that the console is bringing out more players to the arcade scene which is awesome. I'm glad it turned out that way and good job to those who helped run the AI ranbat. Looks like i missed out on an awesome tournament and i will definitely not miss the next. For more updates about AI and their ranbats go here.

Im on Eventhubs.com!

hey guys just got a message from a friend of mine and linked me to this. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2009/mar/18/new-feature-top-match-videos-sf4/

EventHubs has launched a brand new feature, Top Match Videos. They have started with Abel and took two videos from top players and those players are Shiro (of Japan) and myself, BustaBust (of United States). This is my first time being featured on something like this so i am very excited. Shiro obviously a big thing for Abel, he is one of the best if not the best Abel player out there and to be mentioned with him as a top Abel player is an honor and more than i could ask for. Go check out EventHubs and their new feature, if you have videos featuring top players send your videos there! they are going to be doing this for the whole cast i assume.

Abel's Normals

Hey guys, just did a little something hoping to help you guys out. I made a document talking about all of abel's normals. This is a little preview and is really brief. You can download the document here. I will be adding to this but this is just a short preview of what i will be doing. I will be adding the rest of the normals and talking about his other moves once i am finished. Please give me some feedback and let me know what you guys think!

oh and i would like to thank everyone who has donated to my console fund. I am just about halfway there now!

Street Fighter 4 Bar Fights

hey guys check this out if you havent. Gootecks is having exhibition matches between some top players in socal. i am featured in this with my good buddy dae in a 2v2 match against keno and his chosen partner. if you guys live in socal try to come to this if you can. its on april 5th. you can get more info about this event at http://gootecks.com/ .

Also Don't forget, if you live in socal Arcade Infinity is starting up the second ranbat (ranking battle) season for sf4 sunday march 22nd! Everyone in socal should try to come out to these you will learn a lot, meet new players and have a great time. you can get more info about ai ranbats here http://arcadeinfinity.blogspot.com/ Mark your calendars!!!

i guess i really do look like abel... lol!

busta looks like abel?!?

i guess people think i look like abel? i dont see it.

Ironfist(Sagat) vs BustaBust(Abel) Grand Finals pt 2

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

Hope you guys get some more knowledge from these vids! also guys please please if you can donate. i am pretty much on the end where i might not be able to play sf4 anymore. i am forced to play in the arcades but i am running out of money due to college. the economy blows and i am jobless since it is impossible to find a job. i dont have a console and would love to play on the console so please if you can, donate. all of the money donated will be going into a fund for me to try and get a 360, if you donate i will return the favor and help you out, give you some tips and better you game up as much as i can.

BustaBust(Abel) vs Ray Ramos(Zangief) Grand Finals pt 1

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

Dae(Chun) vs BustaBust(Abel) Semi Finals pt 2

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

i would say this was the match of the night!

BustaBust(Abel) vs Yi(Ryu) Semi Finals pt 1

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

a few more vids from this tourny coming soon. stay tuned!!

Vinny(Sagat) vs BustaBust(Abel)

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

Ty(Blanka) vs BustaBust(Abel)

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

The Abel Blog!

hey guys BustaBust here, just got this blog up and hope it turns out well. i will post tourny vids, abel vids, abel notes, anything that an abel player will need to know to help you become a better abel player! i have a few vids that i will be posting soon from a local arcade tournament at denjin arcade. there will be more to come so stay tuned!!!