Clip/Tip Of The Week!

So Here is my new thing i will try to update every week if i can. hopefully i will but who knows :P anyways this is some stuff you might want to know with the standing roundhouse overhead move. I am balrog in this video, i recorded abel to do this in training mode.

That video i demonstrated the combo, it stuffs headbutt so if you are playing a headbutt happy balrog/boxer this is your answer. Although it does stuff headbutt it does not stuff EX headbutt like i demonstrated also. The combo is st.rh f+mk dash st.fp xx CoD. This is on counter hit and can only be done on counter hit. If you manage to get the counter hit using the overhead version of roundhouse than this will work on anyone.

on counter hit using this you can also do:

st.rh,, mp CoD - it works on everyone but sagat, figures... haha
st.rh into super - works on everyone
st.rh, xx super - mid screen - vega, honda, chun, dhalsim, gouken. in the corner - bison/dictator, fei long, and akuma. (i did not test everyone in the corner sorry for laziness)
st.rh xx super - vega, viper, rufus, bison/dictator, honda, ken, ryu, chun, fei, cammy, akuma, gouken, dan, rose, and sakura.

*note this is only on counter hit.

Well there it is, hopefully this was somewhat useful or interesting to you. tell me what you think or what i should add for future reference. Next week i will put another clip or tip hopefully so stay tuned!


  1. what's the counter hit frame advantage? how fast do you have to f+mk?

  2. from what i remember someone telling me is light attacks your get +1 frame advantage on counter hit and medium/heavy attacks you get +3. Don't take my word for it since im not exactly sure. its not hard to time the f+mk after a counter hit standing roundhouse (overhead version).

  3. can you do the roundhouse into F+mk off a crouching jab? or does it need to be a wakeup counter?

  4. well to do this combo, or any of the st.rh combo i listed above they:

    A) have to be crouching to get the overhead version of the roundhouse
    B) it has to be a counter hit.

    i dont really get what you mean. do you mean cr.lp st.rh f+mk?? if you mean trying to beat a crouching jab your roundhouse most likely will lose.

  5. st.rh f+mk... has been working online well even if it doesn't counter hit. nice tip!