Clip/Tip of The Week #3

Sorry for the delay but with school starting up and other things going on i couldn't get it out as soon as i thought i would. Anyways here it is. I have had a few questions from people asking about the timing of cr.fp (anti air) ultra so here it is.

Oh and i wanted to add this in but forgot. If your cr.fp trades with your opponent you can ultra immediately because once you get out of hit stun you will just hit them with the ultra because they will be at mid/far range when you trade (or most likely will be). I am prepared for the next clip/tip of the week so that one will not come out as late as this one. sorry about that but school is gonna keep me busy so if i dont get the video out for that week, ill post 2 cotw's in the next. Any feedback or suggestions or anything would be appreciated!


  1. Thanks for posting this, I've been trying out Abel for a while now. This blog is great, and I still can't believe that you're a "casual player" and you're so good. Impressive =] wanna play on XBL some time?

  2. sure, im not really on xbl often but yeah im down to play. add me (check my vids on youtube page for my GT) if you cant read it hit me up on srk. oh and let me know its you so i wont block/deny your friend request lol.