Clip/Tip Of The Week #2!

hey guys back with another clip/tip of the week! so some of you may/may not know about this but either way you learn something/ i will refresh you with it but here it is. against your opponent you can do, cr.lp, xx CoD. Here is a video of me showing you this combo.

* able to do this w/o f+mk - bison, fuerte, cammy

* able to do only after f+mk - sakura, dan, gen, abel, viper, balrog, vega/claw, sagat, seth, ken, ryu, dhalsim, fei, akuma, gouken

* characters you can't do it against - rose, rufus, honda, zangief, guile, chun, blanka

Note that in the video i do forward medium kick dash before i do this combo. you are thinking to yourself that it didn't combo. well you are right, the reason i did that is because against most characters you have to do this in order for this to work unless it is on a counter hit. Although if you do this on fuerte, bison/dictator or cammy you dont have to do the f+mk before the combo and you will get all the hits. weird but thats how it works. oh and for cammy if you do f+mk dash and try to do this combo you will be out of range too, i know i know this stuff is weird but can be useful. I posted this one because it is a good hit confirm into CoD which is what every abel player would like to land. For instance if you do f+mk dash, cr.lp and they blocked both, you dont have to follow up with mp/fp, you can go ahead and either continue the block string or throw/command throw or something but if it hits then continue with the combo. if they are crouching i would recommend doing instead of fp to make sure it hits since st.fp whiffs on a lot of crouching characters but hits every crouching character. hope you guys liked it and any feedback would be great. another clip/tip next week!

oh and my Q and A's thing will come out soon. i had a lot of questions and i cut it down to only a few just so its not like 1-2 pages long. will be out this week/weekend.

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  1. Thanks! Now at least there's a way to guarantee the 3 hit link into I guess its a good choice to do if f+mk hits a crouching character that can avoid Abel's s.HP.