My Online Videos are Back/Ranbat Update...

Sorry i havent really been updating this at all. if you're wondering about the denjin ranbats, JoontheBaboon(Ken) and Destruct1ve (Honda) have been battling it out in grand finals each time they both entered. Joon has locked in the spot as #1 for this season's ranbat. you can check out the thread / results in this page. 1 more ranbat left and this season is over.

Anyways i just got xbox live recently and im going to be recording videos of my online play again and posting it on my youtube, and my friend's youtube channel will have some matches of me aswell. you can find it here (oh and subscribe to him too!) He uploads videos of all different games like ssf4, starcraft 2, and more as time comes. OH and this time the videos are WAAAY better quality than last time (Its in HD!). I got a new camera but it doesnt capture sound that well. Also i will gladly accept anyone that wants to do an exhibition match or like ft3,ft5 or if you just wanna play let me know. If you dont want the matches to be uploaded give me a heads up. im not good anymore, lil scrubby busta here but im down to play. its fun to play with others regardless how bad i am hah. if you want to just send me a message on srk here and ill pm you my gamertag (its under a new one).

Here are two videos i uploaded on my channel. (These were from the Peaceful Jay stream)

Also be sure to check out my friend ReNiCGaming's channel!