Abel Clip of The Week #4

Okay so I feel bad about putting out the last clip of the week so late so I am putting the #4 out right now! Oh and i found a way to get sf4 on the pc for cheap (not gonna post how) but i got sf4 for pc and recorded with fraps so now my cotw's will be in game quality! Anyways I think (i can be wrong) but people don't know many options if you focus back dash and get the crumple. people usually just sweep but you can do more damage than that! check it out.

The last reset is just showing some options you can do after it. i was just demonstrating what you can do. obviously you can do more than that, you can (after focus back dash crumple) dash forward and do medium kick (not f+mk but the one that looks just like it) and roll but if you want to cross up you have to use mk roll. I am pretty sure that after you see that last reset you can figure out what else you can do, pretty much dash up and do any normal where you can cancel and it will work but the cr.lp/lk dash is the best one if you are going to dash forward and do a normal (imo). So tell me what you think and give some feedback! Hope you guys liked/learned from it and next week cotw #5 so stay tuned for that! also if you guys have any suggestions or anything or want me to do a video on a specific thing then pm me on shoryuken or leave a comment here.

Clip/Tip of The Week #3

Sorry for the delay but with school starting up and other things going on i couldn't get it out as soon as i thought i would. Anyways here it is. I have had a few questions from people asking about the timing of cr.fp (anti air) ultra so here it is.

Oh and i wanted to add this in but forgot. If your cr.fp trades with your opponent you can ultra immediately because once you get out of hit stun you will just hit them with the ultra because they will be at mid/far range when you trade (or most likely will be). I am prepared for the next clip/tip of the week so that one will not come out as late as this one. sorry about that but school is gonna keep me busy so if i dont get the video out for that week, ill post 2 cotw's in the next. Any feedback or suggestions or anything would be appreciated!

Clip/Tip Of The Week #2!

hey guys back with another clip/tip of the week! so some of you may/may not know about this but either way you learn something/ i will refresh you with it but here it is. against your opponent you can do cr.lk, cr.lp, st.mp/fp xx CoD. Here is a video of me showing you this combo.

* able to do this w/o f+mk - bison, fuerte, cammy

* able to do only after f+mk - sakura, dan, gen, abel, viper, balrog, vega/claw, sagat, seth, ken, ryu, dhalsim, fei, akuma, gouken

* characters you can't do it against - rose, rufus, honda, zangief, guile, chun, blanka

Note that in the video i do forward medium kick dash before i do this combo. you are thinking to yourself that it didn't combo. well you are right, the reason i did that is because against most characters you have to do this in order for this to work unless it is on a counter hit. Although if you do this on fuerte, bison/dictator or cammy you dont have to do the f+mk before the combo and you will get all the hits. weird but thats how it works. oh and for cammy if you do f+mk dash and try to do this combo you will be out of range too, i know i know this stuff is weird but can be useful. I posted this one because it is a good hit confirm into CoD which is what every abel player would like to land. For instance if you do f+mk dash cr.lk, cr.lp and they blocked both, you dont have to follow up with mp/fp, you can go ahead and either continue the block string or throw/command throw or something but if it hits then continue with the combo. if they are crouching i would recommend doing st.mp instead of fp to make sure it hits since st.fp whiffs on a lot of crouching characters but st.mp hits every crouching character. hope you guys liked it and any feedback would be great. another clip/tip next week!

oh and my Q and A's thing will come out soon. i had a lot of questions and i cut it down to only a few just so its not like 1-2 pages long. will be out this week/weekend.

Clip/Tip Of The Week!

So Here is my new thing i will try to update every week if i can. hopefully i will but who knows :P anyways this is some stuff you might want to know with the standing roundhouse overhead move. I am balrog in this video, i recorded abel to do this in training mode.

That video i demonstrated the combo, it stuffs headbutt so if you are playing a headbutt happy balrog/boxer this is your answer. Although it does stuff headbutt it does not stuff EX headbutt like i demonstrated also. The combo is st.rh f+mk dash st.fp xx CoD. This is on counter hit and can only be done on counter hit. If you manage to get the counter hit using the overhead version of roundhouse than this will work on anyone.

on counter hit using this you can also do:

st.rh, cr.mp, mp CoD - it works on everyone but sagat, figures... haha
st.rh into super - works on everyone
st.rh, st.mp xx super - mid screen - vega, honda, chun, dhalsim, gouken. in the corner - bison/dictator, fei long, and akuma. (i did not test everyone in the corner sorry for laziness)
st.rh cr.lk xx super - vega, viper, rufus, bison/dictator, honda, ken, ryu, chun, fei, cammy, akuma, gouken, dan, rose, and sakura.

*note this is only on counter hit.

Well there it is, hopefully this was somewhat useful or interesting to you. tell me what you think or what i should add for future reference. Next week i will put another clip or tip hopefully so stay tuned!