Abel Clip of The Week #4

Okay so I feel bad about putting out the last clip of the week so late so I am putting the #4 out right now! Oh and i found a way to get sf4 on the pc for cheap (not gonna post how) but i got sf4 for pc and recorded with fraps so now my cotw's will be in game quality! Anyways I think (i can be wrong) but people don't know many options if you focus back dash and get the crumple. people usually just sweep but you can do more damage than that! check it out.

The last reset is just showing some options you can do after it. i was just demonstrating what you can do. obviously you can do more than that, you can (after focus back dash crumple) dash forward and do medium kick (not f+mk but the one that looks just like it) and roll but if you want to cross up you have to use mk roll. I am pretty sure that after you see that last reset you can figure out what else you can do, pretty much dash up and do any normal where you can cancel and it will work but the cr.lp/lk dash is the best one if you are going to dash forward and do a normal (imo). So tell me what you think and give some feedback! Hope you guys liked/learned from it and next week cotw #5 so stay tuned for that! also if you guys have any suggestions or anything or want me to do a video on a specific thing then pm me on shoryuken or leave a comment here.


  1. Thanks for these videos, keep raising the level of Abel gameplay. More power to you.

  2. Hey BustaBust,

    Will you be posting any tips about what strategies to use against a certain character? I'm sure you've heard about Abel users having trouble with Zangief and Blanka. It would be cool if you posted tips on how to take those two down. Anyways, great blog and keep up the great work.

    Daly City CA.

  3. @Travis, yeah eventually my clip/tip of the week will be showing what you can do against certain characters. i.e. what you can punish etc. i am still not sure what exactly i want to do but yeah it will be something along the lines of that. also im not sure when i want to start doing it.

  4. Just wanted to wish you luck at WARZONE. Hope you kick major @$$ :) Can't wait to see footage of that. GO ABEL!!!

  5. Love the c.lk dash resets. Thanks for continuing to post vids for us Abel users!