West Coast Warzone!

This Labor Day weekend there is a socal major tournament ran by John Rog and Kai! They have been working hard to make sure everything will be smooth and I am sure it will be. If your in socal / in the area this weekend you should stop by! Here is the website for all the information about this tournament. http://www.warzonetournament.com/. This will also be my first tournament ever since sbo qualifiers at Denjin Arcade. I have not really played serious ever since, became more of a casual player. But that is another story.

so I am really stoked about West Coast Warzone. I will probably take some pics of it too, so I will post that up when I get back. Oh and I forgot, this event will be streamed!!!!

*note Clip/Tip of the week might be delayed once again.


  1. Hey BustaBust,

    I was doing some research on how to get better with Abel, and came across TONS (well, LOTS) of footage of your matches on YouTube. I knew Abel was a great character to use, but what I didn't know that if used CORRECTLY he's a BEAST!!! Anyways, thanks for putting up this blog and sharing your tips. Hope to be as good as you someday (although I doubt it) :)

    Daly City CA.

  2. @Travis, that was the whole point of me putting out the youtube videos! of course the opponents arent the best of players but it was made so that new abel players could learn a thing or two.

    @Tin, Thanks man! hopefully i dont go 0-2 lol.

  3. Oh and dunno if you noticed, I fixed the youtube vid to fit the page :P Been getting a bit of free time, so my Abel project is coming along a bit, and so is my game a bit :D