Denjin Arcade 1 Year Anniversary!

Again im late on this but its better than no post at all right? for the few that even look at this blog here are some results from this tourney. (click topic for full results)

Street Fighter 4: 2v2 (32 teams)
1.) "Talk to Me" - Tatsu (VE) / Bryant the Tyrant (BA)
2.) "Jungle Dick" - Joe Dubbs (ZA) / Ironfist (SA)
3.)"Psycho Flame" - UTJ (DH) / Vic the Slick (BI)
4.) ShglBMX (BL) / Vicious (RU)
5.) Ty "r3nic" (KE) / BustaBust (AB)
5.) "Cashpit" - Kilomax / Anthony
7.) "RoTB" - Coffee (BA) / Wicked (BI)
7.) "Milf Habibs" - UmeShoryu (RY) / Sherryjenix (VI)

Got eliminated by UTJ/Vic and Tatsu / Bryant. Great tournament, fun times, awesome turnout. no videos recorded :(

*Denjin Arcade Ranbat Season #2 coming up soon!

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