Denjin Arcade Pre-Ranbat Tourney!

Last night there was a tourney at Denjin Arcade since the ranbat season #2 is almost here this was a warm up tourney until the ranbat starts. It was a 2v2 team tourney Mikado style and the format was pokemon. We had 31 entrants and what a tournament it was. All 2nd round winners were great matches to watch and top 8 was very entertaining. Here are the results..
SF4 2v2 Mikado (31 entrants):
1.) UltraDavid (ZA/DH)
2.) BustaBust (VI/AB)
3.) Ironfist (ZA/SA)
4.) Gootecks (SA/BA)
5.) Brandon S. (ZA/??)
5.) Joe Dubbs (SA/ZA)
7.) JC (akuma/??)
7.) Bryant The Tyrant (BA/AB)

Let me note that UltraDavid is a BEAST. lost to him twice (winners finals/grand finals). Definitely a tournament you should not have missed if you were in the area. Lots of good games and fun times. Tournament went pretty smooth and i can't wait for the ranbats to start! Get Your Tournament was there and streamed the tournament. I am pretty sure he will upload them when he gets the chance, i will post back and link the videos once they are out. Want to get the best coverage for the gaming scene? Go to the Get Your Tournament site!

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