West Coast Warzone Results!

Very sorry for the lack of udates on my blog. cotw #5 will be tomorrow/by this weekend for sure. Well first of all WCW sf4 results.

Street Fighter 4
1st Marn
2nd Alex Valle
3rd Edma
4th Yeb
5th UTJ
6th Eric Choi
7th Floe
7th Filipino Champ
(for full results click the title of this topic or click here)

Well i had a blast here. Definitely was NOT prepared what so ever but thats my fault. I lost to Yeb and Eric Choi in pools going 3-2 i think. After this event, i am some what inspired to play the game a bit more mainly to hang out with everyone but still i am making a comeback! LOL not but yeah im trying to play agian. Well here are the Top 8 vids from WCW for sf4. Ustream video.

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