News On Blog Updates.

i won't be updating the blog as much as i would like to. I am going to give me some time to have a good amount of info/material ready and once i do this will be up and running again with a bunch of clips and stuff. I am pretty busy with other stuff and dont have the time as of right now to finish all of the editing for the videos i produce. But don't worry i will still update with some news whether it be Abel related or not! Please stay with me as i try to get things organized and ready before i put things out. Hold tight, and to those of you that actually follow me with the site and are awaiting updates my i apologize but just wait! i will finish editing all the videos i have and getting ready to start updating the blog more soon!


  1. Hey BustaBust,

    You got a gamertag? I play on the PS3 network (my 360 red-ringed on me :(), maybe I can go up against you sometime? Nothing better than going up against the MASTER :)


  2. ^ i only have xbox 360 and the PC version. No PS3 :/

  3. Looking forward to more videos. Hope you can one on how to fight Chun. Abel doesn't have any safe options against her.

  4. ^ ill do my best, to get more vids out but with my stick constantly going out now its really annoying to even try to make the vids. im gonna do my best though.