Abel Clip of The Week #5

First of all i want to apologize for the delay (#6 will come out soon i promise and this will be some match up stuff, i.e. things that you can punish and stuff like that since i have a lot of request for this i will start doing these). Managed to do what i can. the video does not have a very good description so just read this stuff.

dmg / Stun

Cr.fp, close rh 210 / 300

Cr.fp, far rh 210 / 350

Cr.fp sweep 210 / 350

Cr.fp, close fp 190 / 250

Cr.fp far fp 240 / 350

Cr.fp lk wk 230 / 350

Cr.fp mk wk 250 / 350

Cr.fp rh wk 270 / 350

Cr.fp close mp 160 / 200

Cr.fp far mp 190 / 250

cr.fp = crouching fierce punch

mp/lk/mk/rh = medium punch/light kick/medium kick/roundhouse

Cr.fp rh wheel kick doesn't work on - guile, dhalsim, blanka, chun, fei, rose, bison, balrog, seth.

Cr.fp rh wheel kick crosses up on everyone but the above AND to do it on sagat/zangief, you have to be spaced out far enough (pretty much max range for cr.fp) and do the rh wheel kick / it wont cross them up. oh and E.Honda, you can do any version wheel kick at point blank and it will never cross him up, best option to do if you get cr.fp in the corner against honda.

Cr.fp mk wheel kick crosses up on everyone but gen, honda, vega, fuerte.


*in the video, i do 3 sets of wheel kicks against ryu, first one with lk wheel kick, 2nd mk, 3rd rh showing you what happens afterwards. i dont recommend doing this against characters that you will cross up since they can quick get up and now you are in the corner. i also do 3 sets of wheel kick against honda, same thing but showing you that you cant cross him up after you do (insert strength) wheel kick.

* for cr.fp far roundhouse / fierce, you most likely will have to slightly walk back so it almost doesnt even look like you even took a step back.

* to do the mk wheel kick against sagat/zangief in the corner you have to cancel as late as possible. if you cancel too fast you will whiff and now you are in the corner. when you hit the mk wheel kick against these 2 in the corner, you will not cross them up.


  1. Hey BustaBust,

    Any tips on how to beat Blanka? Your videos on keeping Zangief at bay was great! I never knew his standing MP was a great zoning tool. But Blanka, though, is a different story. Balrog's been a pest as well lately (for ME, anyways). Well, keep up the great work, dude.


  2. ^ hey well my next videos are going to be small tips against what you can do/punish against certain characters. i have been pretty busy lately, but yeah ill try to make one for balrog/blanka when i have time. i don't know which character/videos will go out first but i'll do my best. to get them out when they are done. these videos though, will not really show you how to win but it will show you some things you may/may not know and things that can be helpful.