Q & A!

So just a thought but I have been getting lots of messages and pm's and what not about some questions about abel or sf in general. Well im going to do a Q & A thing so if you have any questions post and i will type the answers out or make a video depending on what the question is. I have a few questions that im going to answer but i thought of just saving all of them and answering them at once when i think i have enough. if you wanna ask a question just leave a comment or pm me on youtube / srk forums. you can find my youtube page at the bottom under links and my srk profile here. I'm taking any questions, so ask away!


  1. I'm just happy to see videos of you playing Abel against good opponents. I really enjoyed your series of matches against Ronstoppable. I learned a lot of stuff for boxer matches. The problem I have with Abel is that good knowledge of match-ups is required and I would love to see a lot of matches against Viper, offensive/defensive Chun, offensive Akuma etc.

    Maybe you could talk about specific things that you look for in certain match ups and how to counter/punish them.

  2. any chance you'll be updating that Abel's Normals word doc you put out a while back? It'd be cool to see how what's changed since you've had more time with Abel now...

  3. ^ my main computer got messed up and i dont know when it will be fixed. i might have to start the document over. im on a super slow laptop so its hard to do the projects i want to right now but i will do my best to get them out when they are done. also i have a BUNCH of questions for this Q and A thing so hopefully i will be able to get that out soon. this laptop is too slow so its really hard to update or do anything on it.