SBO Qualifiers @ Denjin Arcade Results!

3s Teams:

1) White Cat: Deadeye/Emphy/Ricky O.
2) Pyrolee-San: 5-Star/Ken-I/Kai
3) Thriller : Let Blood Run/Vinny/Renic

SF4 Teams:

1)West Coast Rush Kings: ComboFiend/Alex Valle (CV/RY)
2) EDDI: Edma/Ken-I (AK/RU)
3) East Coast: IloveuJoe/Art (SA/DH)
5) R+B: Ricky O./Buktooth (BA/EF)
7) Black $$$: Mike Ross/Keno (HO/BA)
7) Dae & Busta's: Dae/BustaBust (CH/AB)

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edit (bustabust) - Well SBO is over and what a weekend it was. Best way to describe it is blood, sweat, and tears. Every match was intense from start to finish even though it ran for 13++ hours. None of the matches were boring, all of them were entertaining. Such high level play from everyone it was crazy. This tournament was no joke and seriously it was my favorite tournament/event that i have been to. Thanks to Gootecks, ufragtv, Get Your Tournament for awesome coverage. Thanks to the Denjin Arcade owners for having the best arcade in California. I can talk about this event all day but i will just cut it short. I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated, spectated, everyone pretty much. This couldn't be possible without everyone's support. Also good job to all placers! it really shows everyone is getting strong here. Do not sleep on anyone!

and lastly congrats and good luck to Combofiend/Alex valle in sf4 and Deadeye / Emphy / Ricky Ortiz in 3s. Rep us well and im sure you guys will own it up in japan!

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