Get Your Tournament Podcast Interview!

Glenn From Get Your Tournament did a short interview with me. His podcast is awesome, so listen to it! Check out the Get Your Tournament site or you click here to go directly to the page with the podcast or click the title of the post. I would like to thank Glenn for taking some time aside to interview me. Thanks again Glenn, what you are doing for the community is great! keep up the awesome work!

Before i forget, Get Your Tournament will be keeping updates on SBO qualifiers which is tomorrow! Can you believe it?!? SBO quals is tomorrow! Glenn will be interviewing people i think along with getting live feed of the tournament. Check out his site tomorrow for some sbo qual stuff. I would just favorite/bookmark his site since he has a lot of material on it i.e. podcast, videos, gaming news, and its not just on one game but almost every game.


  1. Yo busta what it is,

    Watched you playing in SBO. Nice work bro. That Rufus was tough.

  2. thanks! ya sin is a very solid rufus. we played a lot but hey whats done is done.