Denjin Arcade Ranbat 1.3 Results!

So here we are with the results. Let me just say that this tournament was awesome. We had a total of 48 players enter and it was just really fun. Even though I didn't eat anything that day and the day before besides a burger (literally nothing else) I still managed to place in top 8. woo! haha im glad this tournament had such a good turnout. seriously everyone in socal needs to play in one of these ranbats. Its just too much fun! Here are the Results

SF4 (48 players)
1) Sin (Rufus)
2) Art (E Honda)
3) Ironfist (Sagat)
4) Bebop (Vega)
5) Bustabust (Abel)
5) CSB (Balrog)
7) misterbean (Ryu)
7) Jeremy (Rufus)

Here are the Current Point Standings:
1) Sextaro 15
2) Ed Ma 10
2) Sin 10
2) Ironfist 10
3) Gootecks 9
4) Art 8
5) UltraDavid 7
6) CSB 5
7) Kai 3
7) Bebop 3
7) Bustabust 3
8) Joey aka "The BOSS" 2
8) Mike Ross 2
8) Amir 2
9) Tatsu 1
9) Dae 1
9) misterbean 1
9) Jeremy 1

quite a list we have for the standings! so many ppl have made top 8, its awesome! Well hope to see more new faces at the next tourney which is in 2 weeks! I'll update the next ranbat at denjin when they make the announcement. To see results from 3rd strike also click the title of this post, it will send you directly to the thread with the results for both sf4 and 3rd strike. To finish it off, here is a vid someone uploaded of my match vs Kai (who btw won the touney at the Nucleus gallery, congrats on that kai!)

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