I Got A Console!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know i just got a console. I bought one off my friend brand new, i have got to play/use it a few times when i went to his house and he sold me it for cheap. sadly when he decided to sell me it the free 1 month pretty much ended (well technically ends this monday) but yeah. i would really like to thank everyone that helped me buy a console. luckily i found a friend who sold it for cheap or else i wouldnt even have one haha. oh and to all the donators, if you have a 360 and you wanna get those games in i promised send me a pm via shoryuken or email me at l3ustal3ust@yahoo.com. let me know that you donated and i will add you and we can play. im gonna get all the donators first then i will post my gamertag out to the public once this is done. but as of now im gonna have to find a source of income to buy a 12 month since the 1 month is gone on this! anyways i really want to thank everyone that has donated! a friend of mine is modding my stick so i can play it on 360 so atm if we do play i will be using a pad. if you would like to help me get a 12 month plz donate and you i will promise you the same.


  1. good luck finding income in this economy.....

    im dying over here on the east coast and im an adult, i can only imagine what its like in cali.

    see u online

  2. thanks, i am seriously looking everywhere for a job. hopefully it will pull through and i can find a job somewhere. hope everything works out for you also! these times are tough.