Street Fighter Bar Fights Just Ended...

What can i say about bar fights? everything about it was awesome. so many players came out, new and old and it was a blast. i got to meet a ton of players, i got to hang out with my favorite street fighter buds and really if you didn't go you missed out. all i can tell you is don't miss the next one! great games played, awesome matches, a HUGE turnout too. good shit to Gootecks for running this. i didn't expect so many players to come out and who would've though there would ever be a line to watch sf4? that place was packed but it was awesome.

Before i forget, Denjin is having another ranbat (ranking battle) this saturday 4/11. The more players the better. i hope we get more and more players each time. The first ranbat was a huge success but lets beat that and get more players! come support team SBO and play in the tournaments! here is a link for more info.


  1. Just sent you some quarters for the arcade - keep up the good work. I'm learning a lot from your videos. Keep'em coming.

  2. thanks a lot man! i really appreciate it.