Denjin Ranbat Results!

So Denjin's first ranbat just finished, and i would like to say thanks to everyone who came down to denjin to play. we had a HUGE turnout and it was way bigger than i thought it would be so that was awesome.

top 8 results SF4 (58 entrants)
1 Ed Ma 10pts(akuma)
2 Gootecks 7pts(boxer)
3 Sextaro 5pts(rufus)
4 CSB 3pts(boxer)
5 Joey aka "The BOSS" 2pts(zangief)
5 Mike Ross 2pts(honda / sagat)
7 Art 1pt(dhalsim / honda)
7 Bustabust 1pt(abel)

reppin that abel! haha. The ranbat was really fun and if you missed it you should definitely come to the next one! it was awesome to see everyone again along with some new players. its always a pleasure to talk with you guys. See you guys in 2 weeks! (if you are going) and really these tournaments are something nobody should be missing so come out and play in the tournament!

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