BustaBust(Abel) vs Ray Ramos(Zangief) Grand Finals pt 1

Denjin Arcade 2v2 Tournament on 3/7.

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  1. Hey, thank you for posting this video. I just recently found your blogspot thanks to your friend BlueSpec (Balrog Player).
    And I have to say, I have the upmost trouble fighting Zangiefs, and it was great seeing a video in which Abel actually beats Zangief. Though, I know we share the same pain of getting owned by Lariats just like he did to you in 3rd round of the match. But anyhow, congrats on your console. Woulda donated if I had found this sooner. I recently picked up Abel.
    I also have Xbox Live, let's play some time if it's possible.

    Hit me up if you like, we can have an Abel battle, and after you can face my real main: Vega.
    Expect me to add you on Xbox live.

    My Gamertag: PrietoBEAR

    .. but people call me Zerodemise