Nominate Denjin Arcade PLEASE!!!

Everyone please nominate Denjin Arcade to have a chance to win $25,000. Last time they had this, Arcade UFO in Texas won the 25k, they deserve it as i have only heard good things about that arcade. Now the contest is up again and its nominating time! everyone please nominate Denjin Arcade. Why nominate Denjin Arcade you are asking? Well here are some reasons, Denjin Arcade is keeping the 3rd strike scene alive still, this is the place to be if you want to play 3rd strike. 2nd Denjin Arcade hosted a major tournament replacing NCR and made it California Regionals since NorCal had problems running this tournament. 3rd, Denjin Arcade was one of the first arcades to bring Street Fighter 4 down to the cost of just one quarter. 4th, Denjin Arcade had SBO (Super Battle Opera) Qualifiers here at Denjin Arcade, not only did Denjin host the qualifiers but after Alex Valle and Combofiend took it, Denjin Arcade payed 50% of the cost to get them to Japan. Those are just some of many reasons why you should nominate for this arcade, so everyone please vote Denjin Arcade! Denjin has done a lot for the community, lets help them out and give back. Click the title to the post or click here to nominate denjin!

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