Abel Tricks and Tips: Honda

So here is another video, (changing the name since i dont do them weekly hah) but this one is on Honda. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh and i forgot i left out a few clips but and i dont want to redo/reupload it since i just found out but if Honda ever does a random butt stomp you can cr.fp (2nd hit) or st.fp on his way down. Leave a comment and tell me what you think! feel free to criticize or give suggestions/what you would like to see next or in the future!


  1. Hello BustaBust,

    1st of all, thank you for your blog and all the infos you're sharing.

    I would have 2 advices to ask you if possible (I'm french so I hope my english will still be clear enought) :

    A friend of mine who main Honda like to lock me down with his butt stomp on my wakeup, sometime in crossover, I don't have much trouble blocking him but I can't find a reliable move to counter/escape him.
    After the block I tried to jab/EX TT/EX SK but he ever goes for another stomp or command grab me.
    If I try to roll on wakeup most of the time he just command grab me.
    I also tried to focus his 2nd hit but if he's in crossover it leave my back open.

    2nd advice is about Abel's forward+MK > dash > link.
    Actually I can't link it at all, I've spent a few hours in training to figure out the timing but just can't get it right.
    If you would be able to give a good explanation/video, I would really appreciate it as I couldn't find any help around the web. All I see/read is that it's Abel's best opening/pressuring move but no tip at all.

    Thanks again !

  2. to answer your first question, some things you can do is, sometimes the butt stomp does two hits correct? (non ex sometimes yes it does) so you can block the first and ex roll out before he comes down. also since he keeps doing it on your wake up you can focus him on the way down, if you arent sure if he will be in front of you then focus dash out. best option is probably to focus dash and punish.

    2nd question, well that is a 1 frame link meaning you have 1/60th of a second to do it. (the game runs at 60 frames per second and that combo only gives you 1 frame to link it. what you can do is try Plinking, that gives you like an extra frame to do the move. its a tough link but with practice you will get better. only real advice is to practice it in training mode.

  3. i would just like to thank you for all the good work busta. everything you've posted has helped my game.

  4. hey men if you can record a some tips against cammy please.

  5. well im hoping to try and do the whole cast but the console characters ar egonna be a little tricky for me since i have like 0 experience with them. ill try my best! school started up again so im going to lag with my videos but ill try my best to get some out.

  6. Great video. Hey I noticed when you were doing the f+mk -> fp that you are hitting fp twice. It doesn't look like you plink the fp. Are you just tapping fp 2x really fast?

  7. ya its something called double tapping. its just a habit i do and it helps me with execution also. i dont plink either.

  8. These character specific videos are outstanding. Really helped my game against honda. Looking forward to a Sagat or Gouki one if you have the time.