Abel Clip of The Week #7!

So here is another clip of the week regarding stuff against Blanka. I think i did enough until my stick started to lose direction. Well i hope its good enough lol. Anyways here it is and enjoy!

If you guys need help with stuff or have questions feel free to ask or ask in the Abel threads on shoryuken. (If you are going to use shoryuken search around first, look at the info thats already there before you ask).


  1. Really great video. I love the practical application. Not only do you get tactics to play with, but it really gets the gears turning.

    Abel is a secondary character of mine and I think I'm starting to like him more than my main!

  2. Hey Busta!

    Thanks for posting this! I was waiting for this, and although I had some ideas of what to keep in my mind when facing Blanka players, to actually SEE it being applied in a match was great. Keep up the great work!