Denjin Ranbat 2.3 Results!

Anyways i haven't updated these tournaments in awhile. This one had a smaller turnout than usual, about 41 people entered. Anyways TopTierGaming streams these ranbats now and you can check them out here. The archives are there so you can watch / rewatch the whole tournament if you want. Just click Archives and click on Dec 12th 2009 to watch / rewatch the tournament.

Here is a video of ComboJack (Sagat) vs Red Venom(Viper) Really good match, just watch for yourself!

Top 8 SF4:
1. ComboJack (SA)
2. Bryant (BA)
3. Joe Dubbs (ZA)
4. BustaBust (AB)
5. Red Venom (VI)
5. Coffee (SA/BA)
7. Seventy2B (ZA)
7. Hellfyre (RY)

Everyone Please subscribe to the DenjinArcade Youtube channel and subscribe to TopTierGaming! he has contests and you could win prizes but you have to subscribe!


  1. I'll get top 8 top next...I have to break that Top 8 glass ceiling. Good games to you and everyone else.

  2. oh yea check out my site too let me know what you think.

  3. definitely will man. didnt know you had a site ill add it to the links!