Denjin Ranbat 2.6 Seaon Finale Results!

So Denjin's 2nd Ranbat Season comes to an end. Fun tournament as always! Great way to end it and Denjin is getting ready for a much bigger event. Anyways Denjin Arcade's Ranbat Season winners are.... JOE DUBBS for sf4 and Yi "5 Star" Wang for 3rd strike. Congrats guys! good job. now for this tournaments results.

SF4 (29 entrants)
1st - Ken I (GO/RU)
2nd - killamax (RY/BL)
3rd - BustaBust (AB)
4th - Fulgore (SA)
5th - Tatsu (VE)
5th - Coffee (BA/SA)
7th - Ivan (SA)
7th - Cesar (CH)

1.) Ken I (MA)
2.) Pyrolee (YU)
3.) 5star (CH)
4.) Surewin (DU)
5.) Vinny (KE)
5.) Bean (YU)
7.) Kazzy (UR)
7.) NGMark (UR)

Ken I winning both tournaments! congrats Ken I!

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