Denjin Ranbat 1.6 Results!

So let just start off by saying that to me, I thought Denjin Arcade's first ever ranbat was a success. We always had a good number of players come and everyone single one was fun. It is like a bittersweet feeling right now, sucks that its gone but it was awesome and will be back soon! Anyways here are the results

SF4 Ranbat Results:

1) Ken-I (RU)
2) Magus1234 (VI)
3) SIN (RU)
4) ComboJack (SA)
5) Bustabust (AB)
5) Gootecks (BA)
7) Edma (KE/BA)
7) Dae (CH)

Here are the top 5 point holders for the season.
Current SF4 Standing:
1) Gootecks 31
2) Sextaro 30
3) Sin 20
4) Ironfist 16
5) Ed Ma 11

Congrats Ryan "Gootecks" Guiterrez for being the 1st sf4 champion at denjin! I would also like to say Congrats to Yi "5 Star" Wang for dominating 3rd strike this season. These are your Denjin Champs of season 1! Lets see if they will maintain their spots in the future.

Before i go i would like to say it was cool meeting new players. These tournaments were a nice gathering and I can't wait for the next season. I am pretty proud of myself also, out of 6 tournaments, I have made top 8 four times. ranbat 1.1 = 7th place, 1.3 = 5th, 1.5 = 7th and 1.6 = 5th. Wow I really didn't expect to do so well. This was all too much fun and I can't wait for season 2!! with all that aside though SBO Quals is really just around the corner and i am going to get ready for that. For full results click here or click on the title of this post.


  1. 5th - Well done! Will you be posting any vids?

  2. I didn't personally record any of my matches but Glenn from Get Your Tournament did. Check the right side of the blog under links and click Get Your Tournament. Once you are there click the top right link "YOUTUBE PORTAL" that is his youtube page. he has posted a few videos from the ranbat including my 2nd match against a bison. He couldnt record all of them but he did what he could. I bet he wont even see this but thanks a lot Glenn!!!