The Ladies of Street Fighter 4 Tournament!!

Hey guys, my good friend Shoo (you might know him as Shoo/does AI video commentary :D) from Arcade Infinity (AI) has just posted this event! Its an all girls tournament / event which will be on June 27th. Check it out here, The Official Arcade Infinity Blog. Here is a little piece from the site:

Welcome to THE LADIES OF STREET FIGHTER 4. Sixteen of your favorite socal SF4 players have been secretly training sixteen lovely ladies for what might be the girliest Street Fighter Tournament in the history of Street Fighter.

LOSF will consist of a Photo shoot at the Arcade, video interviews conducted by Gootecks, with Special guests.

Tournament will be Single Elimination, no entry fee, prizes to be determined.

This will be the event of the Summer! COME OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN. For more details go to the AI blog (which i highly recommend you clicking even if you are not interested JUST CLICK HERE!)


  1. damn i'm so missing this tournament. I'm stuck in Iraq sweating and shit....damnit. Well get some good pics LOL!!!!!!

  2. will do, ill email them to you too :) shogo posted your email so ill definitely be chatting with you. Miss you dude, its been forever! be safe and come back strong!

  3. is it only for sf4?

    no third strike? =/