Arcade Infinity Ranbat 2.6 next weekend!

Arcade Infinity will be having a tournament soon! It has been a long time since they held a tournament so if you live in the area or want to get some good fights in or even spectate and have a good time then definitely go to this! more info will come later but here are some rules / info.

when: TBA

who: You!

rules: Standard 2/3 Rounds, (losers is single game until top 8) Loser Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals will stay 2/3, Double Elimination.

$4 entry fee + $1 towards the big pot which will go to the winner of the ranbat season.

NEW RULE: 50 man cap!

There will be an extra console set up outside!

want to know what the current ranbat points are or who is leading it atm or want more info? go to the Arcade Infinity Blog!!

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