The Abel Blog + SSF4

Hey guys, i will be getting ssf4 within the next week or 2 and just wanted to say i will be trying to update this blog. Since the release of ssf4, i have been wanting to play this game a bit and mess around with abel (along with all the new additions/changes everyone else got). Makes me want to play this game and sparks an interest again. Now if i do vids they wont be ingame quality, it will be from my shitty camera angle again since all those vids were done via sf4 pc + fraps. Hopefully i will be able to update this blog a lot once i get my hands on it so stay tuned!...


  1. Waitin on your return busta, your blog alone has made me wreck peoples hopes and dreams all over texas.

  2. It'd be awesome to see your tips against the new characters. They'd help a lot. Hope to see your vids soon.