Back From EVO!

Well i got back on Monday and really it was an awesome weekend. I got to hang out with a lot of good friends, and i actually played in my first major! This was my 2nd time going to EVO but first time competing in a major ever. Despite the lack of practice ive had with ssf4 as of late i did really well. I was in Pool A (you can read the article below to see who's in it, too many to list) but i was 1 win away and lost in losers final against John Choi. John Choi and Daigo Umehara were the 2 that made it out of my pool. Pretty good imo, first major, top 3 in pools (just outside of top 32). I wish i got to play on the big stage but the judges/people who ran the pool didn't really know who i was so they just kept me at the stations. not being active or being on stream for who knows how long lead to me not being on the big stage hah. Regardless it was a lot of fun and i am hoping to do better next year. To be honest i was thinking about not really playing ssf4 serious anymore or play it casually at all but after this, after EVO it had me thinking. What if i did practice? prepare for this major instead of knowing i was going 2 hours before registration closed and practiced in training mode for a few days. I think im going to stick around and see what happens. Hopefully enter more tournaments as they come instead of what i did this year, entered about 5 tournies or w/e. I would like to thank Kara and Cesar especially for this! if it wasn't for these two i wouldn't have been at EVO and i probably would've quit.

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  1. Watching the vid you posted, the only mistakes you were making looked like nerves. Stupid things/decisions that I've seen you make all the time in other games.

    Get rid of the nerves and you'll be good to go to be honest