EVO 2k10!!

Well Evo is coming up real fast! This year should be fun, seems like more international players are coming out for this than usual and its going to be my first real major tourney. I'm not prepared at all really because it was so last minute but im there to do my best and enjoy the weekend. I'm in Pool A which is 9am but im getting to vegas around 7-8am that friday. My pool has a good amount of known players but i dont think it would be considered the death pool as some would say. my pool consist of DS (not sure who he is but it seems familiar), John Choi, ClakeyD, Keno, UTJ, LPN, Magus1234, Liston, iNerd(i think hes a chun player), and daigo. those are the ones that would stand out from my pool so far. I am definitely not a favorite, pretty much the underdog because i havent been active in the community or playing that much lately but i am pretty confident and imo i think i have a chance to make it out but it will be a lot of work. though i wont be able to get any games of practice or even get to drop off my stuff in the hotel, im going straight to the ball room and playing in my pool with all my stuff with me. Lots of pools with a lot of good players. some pools to watch out for (or to spectate) would be pool H - with chris hu,inthul,wolfkrone,combo jack, mike watson, ryan hart. pool I - Ryder, Justin Wong, DaggerG, pool N - Marn, Ed Ma, Mr.KOF, Rico Suave. juicebox is in pool G with fubarduck, flash metroid, and Dr.Chaos. I think my pool would be fun to watch but overall all the pools in general seem like they are going to have a lot of good matches going on. im stoked and i just hope im not super tired when i have to play.